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Monday, October 31, 2011

Joyce Will Be Back at Monday

Many of you enjoy the daily posts of our volunteer - Joyce.  You may have noticed her absence for the past week as she took a well deserved break from posting to spend some time with her family.

I know you join me in welcoming her back with her on target posts relating to our core job of exposing Goldman Sachs as to their many actions which contributed to our current financial crisis and to the economic demise of our great middle class.  

GoldmanSachs666 is a non monetized site which has run from day one by volunteers such as Joyce.  We welcome and appreciate the efforts made by her and the many others who have participated over the past few years of our existence.

Anyone wishing to participate with us are welcome to do so.  Simply contact me at  There are no commitments as to time so please don't hesitate to volunteer.

To those of our readers who participate by way of comments and providing links to relevant stories, please accept my personal thank you.  Your comments and links have helped.

Larry Rubinoff
666 Sites Publications


Best and brightest? said...

Did Jon Corzine Just Get A $12.1 Million Golden Parachute?

As the proxy observes, the Golden Parachute would be paid in the case of
a "change in control" which precludes a full out bankruptcy from being a
trigger, and will likely see Corzine's payment become a general
unsecured claim of the estate, but in case there is a
prepack-agreed stalking horse bid whether Interactive Brokers or Goldman
Sachs, this payment will likely be triggered. After all, what better
way for Goldman to repay its former boss for handing over MF on a 70%
off silver platter than to pay him just that little extra...

Anon said...

“Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advance auction in stolen goods.” ~ H. L. Mencken

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