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Friday, October 28, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - The Grim Side of the Law

At Occupy Wall Street in Oakland Echo, Goldman Sachs Indictment
By Matthew Russell Lee
WALL STREET, October 26 -- As the Occupy movement spreads from coast to coast, an attack in Oakland, California on protesters Tuesday night was the buzz of an impromptu march on New York's lower Broadway on Wednesday night.

  Amid chants of "New York is open, open is New York," demonstrators moved freely with a growing police presence behind them. Inner City Press photographed, beside City Hall, police horses of the type injured in Times Square only ten days ago.

  Down in Zuccotti Park. riot police with white plastic handcuffs stood in groups on Liberty Street. "Join us!" several protesters called to them. "They'll cut your pensions too!"
 At times the focus on the financial giants which triggered but dodged the world financial crisis slither out of focus. But a "people's indictment" of Goldman Sachs is scheduled for November 3.
  Much of the talk was of Iraq war veteran Scott Olson being put into a coma with a skull fractured by a "police projectile" in Oakland. More than one marcher wondered if it would be raised at the United Nations, barely a hundred blocks uptown.

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Just another Wednesday night at #OWS, NY is open, open is NY
Earlier on Wednesday a block from the UN, a couple mused about the movement. One said it would help Obama, by shifting the media's debate from the national debt to jobs. The other was curious, how people could indict a bank without a court. We'll see on November 3.

  Ironically, the Goldman Sachs director indicted and arrested on Wednesday for insider trading, Raj Gupta, was and is still listed as a UN adviser on management.  Inner City Press asked the UN spokesman about it on Wednesday, but he had no comment. Occupy the UN?
 For the full view at here

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But but said...

But The News Said They're All Marxists?
The Media is LYING to you, and when you consider who pays their check isn't the reason obvious?
Two final points and I'll leave you to your morning coffee:
those who say that the "occupiers" are all a bunch of law-breaking,
dope-smoking hippies, perhaps you might want to explain how it is then
that the Pensacola protesters actually showed up at the City Council
meeting, stood and were heard in an orderly and lawful manner,
and received a variance -- by vote of the council?  Oh wait, that
doesn't comport with the narrative being run by the mainstream media
either, does it?
The cops have been trying to suppress dissemination of video evidence of their unlawful behavior
as well.

So far Google (which owns Youtube) is refusing at least some
of the removal requests, although the most-recent report pre-dates these
protests.  Now why would the authorities want video
documentation of their lawless behavior removed from view, eh?  "Freedom
of the Press", right?  Uh huh... just like all the "mainstream media"
reports of the protesters all being hippies and Communists are true....

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