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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Look Inside Zuccotti Park - A Society In Progress

This story in the Huff Post is a well written description of the Occupy Wall Street movement in Zuccotti Park, New York City.  It is interesting to see how within this tiny space neighborhoods with names have been created.  It is interesting to see how services from rolling cigarettes to a full functioning library have been established.  And it is even more interesting to see how the semblance of organization is forming.  A mini government of sorts with political type party's and even centralized decision making bodies much like a Congress.

What I believe we are seeing is the growth of a nation much like our nation grew but with much less violence.  This new "nation" may just be what the people of this country need.  Not to overtake our current system but to teach it lessons long forgotten.

Here now the Huff Post link.

Zuccotti Park's Burgeoning Micro-Neighborhoods May Indicate Deeper Divisions
Lila Shapiro

NEW YORK -- Protesters at Occupy Wall Street insist that they are a completely leaderless movement with a purely horizontal structure. But where some see simple diversity -- a self-proclaimed goal of OWS -- others see the creep of an insidious hierarchy, most clearly seen in the emerging micro-neighborhoods in Zuccotti Park.

At the northeast corner of the park is one of the tidiest regions of the Occupy Wall Street movement: the People's Library, with more than 3,000 volumes and staffed largely by professional book handlers. Just south of the Library, the General Assembly -- the evening meeting where collective decisions are made -- is held, close to many of the working group stations that are dominated by college-educated professionals. 
Read it all here

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Purge the establishment said...

Be Honest CNBC - You Are Biased Against Ron Paul

With this stated up front, it was brought to my attention that CNBC
was running a poll asking readers who they thought won the recent
Republican Presidential Debates in Michigan. Now, as in many polls in
2008, the name “Ron Paul” has been rising to the top of the charts in
2011 despite all efforts by media lapdogs to dissuade the public from
even considering such a candidate. CNBC did not fail to play its roll
this time around either. Ron Paul won by a substantial margin, and of
course, their response was to take the poll down! Here was the
explanation given by CNBC Managing Editor and all around bottom feeder,
Allen Wastler:

Gamed Poll...So We Took It Down

We had a poll up from our Republican Presidential Debate asking
readers who they thought won. One candidate was leading by such a margin
that it became obvious the polling wasn't so much a reading of our
audience, but of the Internet prowess of this particular candidate's
political organization. We have therefore taken the poll down.

Ben hur to bend rules said...

It's Official: Wall Street Firms May Legally Steal From Their Customers

...and they may not have to pay them back.

    “This means they can take segregated funds and leverage them to kingdom come. It means nothing is safe.”

    Andy Abraham

If you have a commodity account with Wall Street, they may gamble with your money, the rule on segregated accounts be damned. If they lose the money you might be reimbursed, or not. The losses may have to be 'socialized.'

In a way it is just making the general relationship between Wall Street and its customers official.
MF Global May Have Used Customer Funds In The Losing $6.3 Billion Trade Without Informing Clients
By Robert Lenzner

After an intense day of investigation, I have just discovered that a CFTC rule (1.29) allowed Jon Corzine’s MF Global to use the margin and cash in customers heretofore segregated accounts to amass a risky $6.3 billion investment in European sovereign debt that backfired. Nor did Corzine have the obligation to inform any of these customers he was gambling with their money. Or that he was intending to keep all the profits for himself and his troubled firm. Nothing for the customers.

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