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Monday, April 30, 2012

Eventually, Goldman Sachs Ruling the World Will No Longer Be a Metaphor

We find out from a CCPA report that Canadian Banks were bailed out during the Great Recession but the Harper government has denied any such bailout.  What are we to make of this?  Now, you don't suppose that because our Governor of the Bank of Canada is from Goldman Sachs that that fact could give us a hint?  The Bank of Canada did for Canadian banks what the Federal Reserve did for US banks except that the Canadian Parliament did not have a say in whether a bailout should be given.

We should always be suspicious when Goldman is mentioned in any context.

Now we see that another Goldmanite is being touted for the Governor of the Bank of England.  When all the central banks in the West are run by Goldmanites, then we will surely know that we are royally screwed!  We only suspect it now.

Goldman's O'Neill tipped to join Bank governor race
            By Simon English - The Independent

From the comments page by 12758
Goldman Sachs takeover of Europe: All these people are Goldman Sachs employees or former Goldman Sachs employees (with the exception of Papademos).

Karel Van Miert:  Former EU competition commissioner.
Otmar Issing:  Former board member of Bundesbank and the ECB helped create the Euro
Mario Draghi: Head of the European Central Bank
Petros Christodoulou: Head of Greece's debt management agency
Lucas Papademos: Prime minister of Greece, Ran the Central Bank of Greece at the time of the controversial derivative deal with Goldman that enabled Greece to hide the size of its debts.
Mario Monti: Prime minister of Italy
Antonio Borges: until recently  head of the IMFs European department.
Peter Sutherland: Attorney General Ireland
Outside Europe:

Mark Carney: Governor, Bank of Canada
Henry Paulson: United States Secretary of the Treasury
Robert Zoellick: President of the World Bank

Virtually everyone connected with finance and financial regulation in the US.
It looks like someone has been paid off or threatened to ensure that this appointment goes through. It hasn't even been advertised yet and already the GS spin machine is working. If GS get this appointment take all your money out the bank, it'll be safer. Everything in the country will end up privatised.
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