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Friday, July 13, 2012

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Yes, folks, the revolving door is greased and rotating freely.  Andrew Williams joins Richard Siewart at Goldman Sachs.  Both were spokesmen for Timothy Geithner, the Treasury Secretary.

These cozy relationships between government and Goldman continue apace.  Indeed, as quoted from Neil Barofsky:  "the circle is almost complete."
Andrew Williams, Ex-Treasury Spokesman Headed To Goldman Sachs
By Bonnie Kavoussi - The Huffington Post

Is Geithner next?

Andrew Williams, a former spokesman for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, is headed to Goldman Sachs at the end of July, the Financial Times reports. That's only increased the speculation that Geithner may head to Goldman next year.

Williams, currently director of media relations at General Electric, is the second of Geithner's top spokesmen to decamp to Goldman. Richard "Jake" Siewert, also a former spokesman for Geithner, left the Treasury Department a few months ago to lead Goldman Sachs' public relations department.

Williams' and Siewert's decisions to move to Goldman are fueling speculation that Geithner may join them. It's also providing fodder for critics, who say that the relationship between the government and Goldman is too cozy. In some circles, Goldman has earned the nickname "Government Sachs." Geithner's predecessor as Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, served as CEO of Goldman before taking his job as Treasury Secretary.

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