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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Goldman Sachs's Profile on has compiled the profiles of 20,000 organizations that lobby, pay into campaigns and generally influence how government is run.

When you search for Goldman Sachs's profile, you will see it described as a Heavy Hitter.  When you link to Heavy Hitter, you will see a short introduction of Goldman and other information such as the total contributions to candidates and PACs which amount to $6,389,323.  The candidaters who received payments are listed.

Goldman's lobbying totaled $2,080,000 for 2012.  On that page also we learn that, through the Revolving Door, 44 out of 49 Goldman "lobbyists in 2012 have previously held government jobs."  The members of the government who hold Goldman shares are listed by name and party.

There are a number of charts that clarify issues such as the one below:

Lobbying Totals, 1998-2012

You can easily see how lobbying skyrocketed in 2006 and beyond.  There is a lot more information like this on the site.

Please visit to see more about Goldman Sachs's profile there.


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