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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Second Presidential Debate...A TV Event

This evening will be the second of three scheduled Presidential debates starring Republican nominee Mitt Romney and the current President of the United States - President Barack Obama.  The program will feature CNN reporter Candy Crowley as the debate moderator.

A live audience of carefully picked non committed voters will represent the rest of the cast of characters.  Of course, the program will have a full complement of producers, directors, technicians and others that make a TV program possible.  

The stars of the program - Romney and Obama - have been busy rehearsing their parts as do all tv stars prior to the  program being aired.  Don't be fooled, this is a television event.  Even featured "guest" star Candy Crowley has been researching and practicing her role as moderator.  As to the rest of the cast - the audience - no one has really said but I am sure that their questions were vetted and approved.  Obviously, the Pizza Hut promotion of having someone ask what type of pizza each "star" prefers was not allowed and the "Hut" withdrew their offer of compensation.  However, the Pizza Hut promotion did not surprise me at all in this new era of corporate and individual money funding campaigns with no limits set.  I must compliment Pizza Hut for their attempt at monetizing the debate with a new form of "advertising".  But, as the Supreme Court of the United States has made it very clear to us - corporations "are" people to and entitled to all the same privileges as us real human citizens.
Now you must be asking, what is my point here?  My point is that our political system is an orchestrated "reality tv show" complete with rehearsals, advertisers (see all the PAC ads) and political "agents".  There are spokespersons connected directly to the campaign as employees or by their money.

I have yet to see -hear- from either candidate specifics on what they feel they "will" do or "attempt" to do if elected to represent my best interests and that of the entire nation.  Simply saying "I have a plan" just does not cut it for me or many Americans.

Opposing  "party bashing" also does not cut it anymore.  I don't want to hear from any candidate how bad their opponent is.  I want to hear what "they" themselves will do for our country, state, county or city.

The creation of a partisan line between the two major parties I see as the beginning of the downfall of our great society.  When the Republicans announced - very clearly after Obama was elected President - that their only effort for the next four years would be to make sure that he would not get elected they were saying that there will be no bipartisan politics here anymore.  In other words, they had NO INTENTION at all in any bipartisan compromise enabling our country and our people (you and me) to move forward.  Don't get me wrong however, the Democrats are no better.  They also have no desire to work across the isle in a bipartisan manner for the good of our country and people.  Is this not a form of treason?  A harsh word, I know, but what would you call it when someone works against the best interest of  "the people"?

With all that said, we will vote someone into the office of President and allow them to drag in their second in command as Vice President - a choice we NEVER have - which has always boggled my mind.  The person who is a heart beat away from being our President has never been nominated by the people for that important - to say the least - position.  Wow!

The polls and pollsters after tonight's performance will be making the news guessing - but pretending they really know - who will win the election.

It will be an entertaining 90 minutes of reality TV.  It's a good thing that there are no football games scheduled.  However, tonight's performance will make for a good topic of discussion for tomorrow throughout the media and households.

Oh, one last parting comment.  Many of you are also asking yourselves what all this political mumbo jumbo has to do with Goldman Sachs, banking or the economy.  The simple answer is one of frustration on my part and on the part of so many others who have been trying to right the wrongs of the economic crisis since it began.  There has not to date been any justice for those who willfully and blatantly destroyed our economy and our country as wells as the economies and countries overseas.

There has been no mention - by either party - of the "real" reasons for the problems that  so many around the world are facing.  The Goldman's, Lehman's, Bear Stearns', Bank of America's have been exposed but never brought to justice.  In fact, they have been allowed to do business as usual even after having been given billions of our taxpayer dollars.  While President Obama does always refer to the "problems he inherited" from the George W. Bush years in office - he never offers up any real justice.  The Republicans, on the other hand, don't even mention President "W" Bush.  To them it is as if he and his presidency never existed.

Politics AND our politicians have abandoned us in our quest for justice and the pursuit of a just correction of the problems "they" (politicians, government regulators and bankers) created.

In other words, what we have going on is an "empty" election with no real truth being told nor any real solutions being offered while at the same time the bankers -"fat cats" - are just getting fatter while the once great middle class - "scrawny cats" - gets thinner and thinner.

Chime in here at anytime with your comments, especially those after the debate.


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