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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Goldman Sachs Guy, Jon Corzine, Whacked with a Wet Noodle

When the CEO of the broker-dealer MF Global misuses customers' funds, he should be prosecuted for criminal activity.  But corruption in government and in finance now run so deep and wide that financial crimes are just ignored.  Conflicts of interest no longer seem to matter.

Two directors of the oxymoronically described "self-regulatory" National Futures Association have recommended that Jon Corzine be banned from trading futures.  Is that all the public gets for regulatory reform of rogue financiers?  Shame!

Two Regulator Directors Are Seeking To Ban Jon Corzine From Trading Futures Ever Again
By Julia La Roche - Business Insider

A pair of National Futures Association directors are expected to submit a proposal today to the self regulatory agency to have Jon Corzine, the ex-CEO of now-defunct MF Global, banned from the futures trading industry for life, the New York Post's Kaja Whitehouse reports.

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