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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Parasitic Goldman Sachs Speaks

Goldman Sachs always looks on world events with an eye to making a profit; therefore, it is no surprise when Goldman thinks that bailing out the fraudulent banks by levying a tax confiscating depositors' savings is fine-and-dandy with them.  The depositors' savings, pension funds and business revenue are all vulnerable, but that means nothing to Goldman, except more wealth for banks.

Why anyone, except the banks themselves including their executives, should be forced to "share more and more of the burden of restructuring" (especially depositors who have done nothing to deserve such treatment) is irrelevant to Goldman.  So when there are not enough bondholders to give back to the banks, then the innocent depositors must.

It's a topsy-turvey world the banks have created for us!  It is truly a world where the weaker pay for the stronger.  Are depositors everywhere being softened up for the future?

GOLDMAN:  The Bailout Could Be A Great Deal For Cyprus
By Matthew Boesler - Business Insider

Goldman Sachs is out with a reaction to the Cyprus bailout deal negotiated over the weekend, the most controversial part of which entails a haircut on bank deposits, something that hasn't yet been seen until now in the euro crisis saga.

Read the article here


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