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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Financialization is the Name of Goldman Sachs's Game!

When the economy is financialized; when political campaigns are financialized; when the Congress is bought and paid for; when the stock market is infused with Fed. capital then it only seems proper to send the financiers to do the job of an ambassador.  No diplomatic credentials are required--just good financial connections!

One only need to know how to siphon off more wealth to the 1% (in Canada too) to become an ambassador.

We are not surprised.

With Bruce Heyman, Another Local Obama Bundler Just Got an Ambassadorship
By Carol Felsenthal - Chicago Mag

So word is out, if not officially from the White House, that mega-bundler and Goldman Sachs partner Bruce Heyman, and his wife, Vicki, are off to Ottawa, assuming he makes it through his senate confirmation. True, it’s not London or Paris—those are already occupied, for the time being, by other Chicago bundler ambassadors. But Ottawa is considered to be a lovely posting, and the ambassador does not have to worry much about speaking any language except English.

The Heymans started giving to Obama in 2007, and hosted an Obama fundraiser that year in their Lincoln Park house—back when Hillary was the inevitable candidate and the rookie senator from Illinois looked like the longest of shots. Moving along to 2012, the Heymans both served on Obama’s National Finance Committee and together they collected and contributed $1.7 million to his reelection bid. A report in the Tribune in July 2012 referred to Vicki Heyman as one of the “local workhorses of the campaign… regularly [seen] at Obama headquarters at Prudential Plaza.” The couple is well-embedded in Obamaland. In 2011 they attended the White House state dinner for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 

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