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Monday, June 17, 2013

Goldman Sachs is Happy!

So Lloyd Blankfein looks around at the world outside and sees that the stock market and his compensation is improving and believes everyone should be happy.  He says all the negativity from Congress and the media is causing people to feel gloomy.

Blankfein is a believer in sentiment so that if everyone says the economy is improving--Behold, the economy improves!

Well, he does not convince the commentators on the Daily Mail blog:
Goldman Sachs CEO blames lagging economy on Americans' negative culture
By Hayley Peterson - Daily Mail

The chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs blames the lagging U.S. economy on Americans' negativity, which he has partly attributed to Congress and the media.

'[The] economy is not a science, it's a social science,' Lloyd Blankfein told Politico reporter Ben Smith in a live-streamed interview Thursday.

'[The] culture of America has gotten too negative,' he added. 
. . . .

Two comments:
--I suppose if I were making multiple millions a year, I wouldn't understand the gloominess either. Perhaps he can get legislation passed that requires everybody to take happy pills. Then we can eliminate the gloominess. Maybe the new healthcare legislation will pay for the pills as well. And should anyone have a real problem, well he will just have them shipped to a gulag without any nsa sponsored internet or cell phone access. Happiness and confidence at all costs. that is what makes his world go 'round. Ben take note!! Just remember, GS was BK until Henry hectored congress and demanded and received the Federal tit from a servile congress. 7 pages of crybaby bullying. Congress blinked. Big talk from a bankrupt. These guys couldn't manage a candy store from scratch without "clout". Everything is always a "inside fix" with these guys. Beware, the sociopaths are all around us. Truth is not their currency.
--Lloyd owns Congress If he really didn't like something, he can fix it But he speaks with forked tongue. He loves things just the way they are, with the wealth of the country's middle class being transferred to him and his ilk. Will positivity return the trillions back that was stolen from the negative ones by the banksters?
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