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Friday, April 10, 2009

Does Goldman Sachs Control the U.S. Government?

NOTE: Here is a piece written by Kent Walton. I think you'll enjoy it.

Is Goldman Sachs President?

"Just call off the election and let Goldman Sachs take over. After all, it seems to run just about everything already." - Barron’s, The Goldy Standard

"Long-time followers of our work will know that our research suggests that today's grave monetary and economic problems are largely attributable to actions taken since the founding of the Federal Reserve System. We also have declared many times that leading private bankers have used their great influence with central bankers and politicians to obtain adoption of monetary policies and banking laws that were in the bankers' immediate interest but against the long-run public interest and that of the bankers, too." - American Institute for Economic Research

It's no longer any secret that America is not a democracy but rather a ruthless Oligarchy, run and controlled by the major banks – i.e., the very owners of "our" Federal Reserve with its monopoly debt-money creation and destruction powers.

There is no power greater than the money power, and thanks to a corrupt Congress in 1913 - who were coerced and corrupted to override the wisdom of the founders - this seminal power is no longer in the people’s hands.

At the head of the American money-banking oligarchy sits one of the premier international merchant banks, Goldmann Sachs. Its influence on markets and monetary policy is clearly enormous. In effect, Goldman Sachs alone is a quasi-governmental agency – i.e., a private preserve of public power and government bond-dealer influence.

We should remember that not only is insider information generated and used by the likes of a Goldman Sachs (working two sides of trades, and paying the fees of the "independent" bond analysts ) but its influence amongst the coterie of large bank owners of the "Federal " Reserve is also enormous. This private ability to know and to direct "governmental" monetary and fiscal policy is then a Fed insider’s dream, and bond dealer’s paradise.

How much a Goldman Sachs and its brethren profit off their positions as Fed insiders, stockholders and, as with Goldman, whose "former" personel serving as the Secretaries of the Treasury" is unknown. This is largely because we are kept from looking, and the private Fed is exempt from the Freedom Of Information Act.

Clearly, they have us coming and going and the potential for profiteering thru inside information and policy-making influence is enormous. This corruption and profiteering can also easily escape detection via partners in foreign markets where oversight is missing, and political influence is all-powerful.

This is the real reason the "smart money" at the very top always wins. Clearly, the conflicts of interest here also rise to world-class proportions – i.e., Fed bank owner’s still-salaried-bonused employees serving as Secretaries of The Treasury. How dumb can we get?

In any case We, The People, have never audited the owners of the Fed stock, and I mean not only the major bank fronts but also those persons, families, and foundations who own the controlling interests in these Fed-owning banks. These are the people who, in effect, own and control our country via their control of our money-creation process. So where are they? At the very least, those persons and institutions which own and control our central bank should be the most audited and subject to public scrutiny of anyone... a small price to pay for the privilege.

Nevertheless, its not like we will come to know these people on Meet The Press, or on a Meet The Really Big Bankers TV hour. Moreover, they would likely not even appear given congressional subpeonas as somehow these would get changed behind the scenes... unless, of course, Congress developed a spine.

Regardless, we can only better grasp our dire home loan situation by understanding some alternatives to the present corrupt setup. For example, if home interests rates stayed the same - as would occur with a Public Central Bank making Treasury-Direct home loans, either with no interest or very low interest - then all the profiteering and chaos that arises from the rise and fall of interest rates would not occur. It is the changing of interest rates which allows the profiteering potential via insider information, and which has caused so much pain, stress, and anguish for so many families.

Losing one’s home is right up there with the death of a spouse as the most stressful of life’s events. Throw in children having to move and change schools and you have a full blown catastrophe often leading to divorce. All this social carnage is due to the bankers who run our lives, and to the sick and duplicitous politicians who neither grasp the immorality of the situation nor have the courage to act. A pox on their houses.

With stable, long-term, mortages then predatory lending, insider profiteering, and pension fund losses resulting from today’s home loan "Structured Invesment Products" would not occur... and the likes of a Goldman Sachs would have to stick to commercial loans, preferably with their own capital.

Consider the fact that our homes are the very building blocks of society. Yet "we" have let this predatory home loan scheme go forward to the point where not only have billions been made in profits, and billions lost, but we, the people, in the final insult are then asked to provide ever more money for bailouts... all for the "too big to fail" crowd who own the very process, trade off inside information, and bleed us dry as they profit enormously.

As a result, more debt money is then created by the Fed via the purchase of government bonds at interest – changing interest which serves as the bondage and chains of the people to a cruel and corrupt Banking establishment.

The very idea of foreign investors owning the mortgages on our homes is simply ridiculous. We, the people, via our own Treasury should hold the loans and, if interest is charged (say, two per cent) then these interest monies would go directly to our Treasury to pay for either more home loans, rebuilding infrastructure, or to reduce our taxes.

This is the way a moral, equitable, community and nation operates... and we have yet to become one.

What a sick, corrupt, setup we labor under. And yet we have yet to hear any one of "our" representatives propose Treasury-Direct home loans with the money creation powers returned to our own Treasury. This is the taboo subject, the one which will never be asked in the current campaign debates. As always, it is that which is not discussed in the corporate-banking media that is of the utmost importance.

So, first its a media problem (see - i.e., one demanding awareness of the subject and extensive debate and then it’s a banking problem. However, with Goldman Sach’s hold over the White House and Secretary of Treasury position, the likelihood of any such public debate is currently zero... and that is our real problem.


TerrorPatriot said...

To fully comprehend the global nature of the elitist control we are witnessing here you must dig deeper. Goldman Sachs and our Central Government are only pawns and overseers of this American Plantation.And it's economic slaves are called Democrats and Republicans.We need a house cleaning revolution not a bunch of silly tea parties.TP.

Anonymous said...

I think Money controls our gov. We know it takes lots of big donations to get elected President. It applies to both parties. They have to have strings attached to them.

Shelly Smith said...

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