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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goldman Sachs Earnings - The Missing Month

Editor's Note: The information below was emailed to me. If it's not true, maybe Goldman Sachs should spend their time on these issues, instead of attacking this website. If it is true, well, it is just another example of the fiction coming out of Washington and Wall Street lately.

Wall Street Emperor reports, sans appendage

In continuation of Wall Street's quarterly fantasy role playing game known as "gumptions and braggins", the Q1 Financial reporting charade I mean parade continues unabated with Wall Street Prince of Darkness firm Goldman Sachs reporting what looked like a blowout quarter until you read past the headlines to find that Goldman would have missed Analyst Estimates( oh the Horror!) if they stuck to their normal quarterly reporting cycle of Dec-Feb.

. . .

Not only did TARP bail out Goldman Sachs to the tune of around 25 Billion, but it also allowed them to skip their $2.15 per share/ 1 Billion loss incurred during December.( Isn't 1 Billion too round a number? hmmm...)

How are they allowed to get away with this you ask?

In our increasingly fictitious/fascist collusive Government/Media/Corporate environment, apparently being allowed to convert into a Bank holding company can allow you to skip a bad month if you choose to and you get a free pass from everybody including the media.

Read the full article - Wall Street Emperor reports, sans appendage


Unknown said...

Still don’t get it how so free country became such a douche and how it is possible to report fake earnings? I thought it is only possible in countries like mine (Lithuania). But I see that America is as corrupt or even more corrupt then we are.

Anonymous said...

This is a dis-info site put up by GS.

We all know that GS is at the center. The first article is a pathetic Newsweek piece, stating the obvious, gov sachs runs america.

We all knew GS is at the center. To put up a site like this, is GS coming forward to make an attempt to distarct us from the larger conspiracy. The conspiracy that GS crashed the market in 2008 with precision and intention. They SHorted subprime 07, raised margin requirements at the exchanges, killed Lehman, and had Moodys cut AIG's rating. Lastly' Their man Jim Crammer says SELL after 11 days of crashing markets. AIG and Citi were both fall guys from the beginning. I am still wondering if Goldmans people inflitrated Freddie and Fannie Mae or INDY MAC.. Anyone?

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