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Friday, April 10, 2009

If Goldman Sachs Robbed Your House? What Would You Do?

NOTE: I receive many emails, and when they contain relevant information, I will try to post as many as I can. If you have time to volunteer to review and post these emails, please let me know. I can't do this alone. Below is an email from a blog reader:

Good work. You are a real patriat my friend. Here is an comment i posted on can post it if you like..

In Texas lots of people have guns to protect their property. A neighbor of mine, in fact, recently shot and killed a homeless man that ventured upon his property attempting to sell back items that he had previously stolen from him. My neighbor said he pulled a knife on him. There was no arrest as it was viewed as self defense.

Had Goldman Sachs and other finanical firms walked into the houses of everyone taxpayer and stole from them, key members of these firms would be arrested or worse by now.

At some point society may understand finacial crimes more clearly and, as a result, find agencies and means to protect themselves. Even the press by now has made it very clear what has happened, but the American public continues to be largely bamboozled.

They are busy cleaning their guns at home preparing for an intruder. Or at Krav Maga (learning Isreali soldier defense tactics) driven by racial or "urban" fear and paranioa, or mixed martial arts (pounding themselves to a pulp to feel something or from self loathing. All the while the biggest crooks and enemies have captured the gov't while and then lean for protection. Elements of grand theft and extortion have happened here, all out in the open to those that read the finanicial news with any clarity. And they didn't even have to break in to your home are car to steal from you.

Our society still lives in view of 19th and early 20th crime not understanding how to protect themselves against a new, powerful class of modern criminals that are not the state but compromise the state as an agency. The despotic state has long been criminal. The current financial crisis marks the passing of the American democracy to the kleptocratic form of government more in line with bannana republics than the democratic / free market form that it purports itself to be.

The majority of people opposed the Iraq war, "So what," said Dick Cheney. The majority of people opposed the bailout, so what again. The majority of people are coming to understand the theft of their money by large financial firms faciliated by key members of government.

So what again?
James Pruett


krisboro said...

Great commentary.
I and SEVERAL other people know this information to be true and are busy making preparations for the eventual outcome.
The level of criminality that has been involved with these "bailouts" (read: extraction of public wealth) is unprecedented. We are rapidly moving into a Fascistic form of government. They are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at us right now, in terms of legislation and outright theft, yet most people remain in ignorance; Largely due to the dogsh*t that is spoonfed to them by the main stream media.
This is the end of American hegemony, and the end of everything our forefathers stood for. That is unless the American people get serious and get off their fat hind ends and decide that they want their children to have a future and do something about this outright theft.

Educate yourself:

JULIA said...

good job please keep up the good job>>I have noticed that too many GS alumni are in Obama Administration>>for a smart man i am really surprised that Obama havent thought this would look conspicuously suspect to the citizens of this country>>> either OBAMA doesnt care what the citizens think or he is blind>>

Obama needs to clean house of these folks for consumers to have confidence in his judgement>>

If oBAMA thinks who is in his administration doesnt count as long ass the ecconomy gets working again>>he is sadly mistaken>>


T rust in Obama will be forever lost>>>we cant trust the republicans and now we cant trust the democrats>> is the entire government on the payroll of GOLDMAN SACHS????

Anonymous said...

I am a UK citizen who follows what is going on in the world regarding governments and their agenda. The same thing is happening over here with enormous bank bailouts, while the bankers have been paying themselves millions in bonuses.Google "fred the shred" aka Fred Goodwin. We are being governed by an unelected prime minister who is in the process of ruining our country. He also believes in the "New World Order" which is no better than a global socialist dictatorship. He sucks up to Obama who has also spoken of this new order. Both men are dangerous and soon we will be hearing of more of our freedoms being eroded under the terrorism legislation being introduced at great speed here in the UK. It is now illegal to photograph a policeman in the UK. Our government as of last week can now snoop on our emails.Any talk about God is now frowned upon if spoken in the workplace. Our once great BBC broadcaster is now a government propaganda media tool. Read about the man Ian Tomlinson who was assaulted and died at a G20 protest in London 2 weeks ago on his way home from work. Its all on google.

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