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Saturday, April 18, 2009

In Goldman Sachs We Trust - But Should We???

Editor's Note: Very powerful information here from the Capital Research Center by Fred Lucas. I provide just the opening summary, but recommend you visit this site. This was a piece that Mr. Lucas prepared as a Foundation Watch to tip foundations and other fiduciary money off to the workings of Goldman Sachs.

In Goldman Sachs We Trust:
How The Left’s Favorite Bank Influences Public Policy

Summary: In recent years the powerhouse bank Goldman Sachs has supplied Treasury secretaries to both Republican and Democratic administrations. A Goldman veteran serves as President Bush’s chief of staff, while one runs the New York Stock Exchange and another lives in the New Jersey governor’s mansion. Its politics skew left, and as the company’s competitors on Wall Street go bellyup, Goldman, a friend of Big Government, remains profitable and its influence grows.

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