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Monday, April 20, 2009

Law Firm Wanted

We are looking for a law firm to set up a Not For Profit corporation for us. If you are interested, please email Our current law firm and legal volunteers are not experts in this area, so we are only looking for a firm that has experience with setting up and managing Not For Profit corporations.

With offers of donations coming in, we need to have a format to accept and process these donations properly. Goldman Sachs is a powerful corporation with unlimted funds. In fact, a lot of that money is our money. To battle Goldman Sachs and present the issues, we need funds and volunteers. But we also need a paid Director and small management team. We have reached a point where the world is taking notice. Let's take it to the next level.

If you are an attorney that can help, please email

If you are interested in joining the team of attorneys and law professors working on the Trademark issues, we will put you in touch with our lead counsel.



Anonymous said...

Kudos, you will go a long way, I am sure. But see that some people actually post here on your site.

williambanzai7 said...

I suggest you change tha name of this site to

Anonymous said...

LEAKED! Bank Stress Test Results!

The Turner Radio Network has allegedly obtained "stress test" results for the top 19 Banks in the USA.

The stress tests were conducted to determine how well, if at all, the top 19 banks in the USA could withstand further or future economic hardship.

When the tests were completed, regulators within the Treasury and inside the Federal Reserve began bickering with each other as to whether or not the test results should be made public. That bickering continues to this very day as evidenced by this "main stream media" report.

The Turner Radio Network has obtained the stress test results. They are very bad. The most salient points from the stress tests appear below.

1) Of the top nineteen (19) banks in the nation, sixteen (16) are already technically insolvent.

2) Of the 16 banks that are already technically insolvent, not even one can withstand any disruption of cash flow at all or any further deterioration in non-paying loans.

3) If any two of the 16 insolvent banks go under, they will totally wipe out all remaining FDIC insurance funding.

4) Of the top 19 banks in the nation, the top five (5) largest banks are under capitalized so dangerously, there is serious doubt about their ability to continue as ongoing businesses.

5) Five large U.S. banks have credit exposure related to their derivatives trading that exceeds their capital, with four in particular - JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, HSBC Bank America and Citibank - taking especially large risks.

6) Bank of America`s total credit exposure to derivatives was 179 percent of its risk-based capital; Citibank`s was 278 percent; JPMorgan Chase`s, 382 percent; and HSBC America`s, 550 percent. It gets even worse: Goldman Sachs began reporting as a commercial bank, revealing an alarming total credit exposure of 1,056 percent, or more than ten times its capital!

7) Not only are there serious questions about whether or not JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs,Citibank, Wells Fargo, Sun Trust Bank, HSBC Bank USA, can continue in business, more than 1,800 regional and smaller institutions are at risk of failure despite government bailouts!

The debt crisis is much greater than the government has reported. The FDIC`s "Problem List" of troubled banks includes 252 institutions with assets of $159 billion. 1,816 banks and thrifts are at risk of failure, with total assets of $4.67 trillion, compared to 1,568 institutions, with $2.32 trillion in total assets in prior quarter.

Put bluntly, the entire US Banking System is in complete and total collapse.

More details as they become available. . . . . .

leonard said...

If all you want is a 501 (c) 3 designation for this purpose, you might find it just as easy to do yourself. Your Secretary of State probably has all the requirements for submission of an application, right there on their website. If not, you may have a friend who runs a Non-Profit, or you may even know of one who would be glad to help you make the application. Good luck and thanks.

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