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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is Goldman Sachs Front Running the Entire Market?

Editor's Note: Goldman Sachs just raised the S&P target for 2009 to 1,060. Why? It's not because things are "really" getting better. And it's not because they would be buyers in this market. No, it's because they need to pump this market, so they can dump their shares to you . . . at inflated prices that will be big losers for you.

I like the piece we found on Zero Hedge warning the world that if you are a buyer in this market, you are now buying shares that Goldman and the other banksters have been running up over the past few months. Here is an excerpt from the Zero Hedge post:

"But back to Goldman - up until this point the firm has been at least slightly
sensitive about catching marginal end buyers. Now the guns are blazing, and
as all Wall Street professionals tongue-in-cheekly know all too well, a forceful
upgrade is when any firm (Goldman most definitely included) starts to sell into
a call (in this case its own). So buyers please beware: you are now implicitly
buying the shares that Goldman and other brokers have been accumulating over the past 4 months." (emphasis added)

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Why does everyone always talk about what they are doing in the stock market? Im sure it is also fleecing producers, consumers, and pure traders that are using our commodity markets as real customers. The order flow of these people is what gets taken advantage of by people like goldman.

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