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Friday, July 3, 2009

Mike Morgan Slays Goldman Sachs

YES, we WON. Lord Blankfein and his Band of Merry Thugs blinked, and we sliced their heads off. Here is a link to the Stipulation Goldman Sachs recently signed in response to my Complaint against Goldman Sachs, after they sent me one of their bully-bully threatening letters. True knuckheads that think they can bully anyone. Well . . . they bullied Bush, and they're bullying Obama and his Gang of Goofballs, but I hate the bad guys . . . and Mike Morgan never backs down.

Click Here to view the Stipulation document filed in the United States District Court. Basically, Goldman Sachs put their slimy tail between their legs and slinked off to the stench and rot of their den of deceit, debauchery and licentousness.

Mike Morgan v. Goldman Sachs . . . David v. Goliath . . . David 1 - Goldman Sachs 0

Obviously, I can't stand what Goldman Sachs has done to America, and that they own or control just about every politician at the Federal and State levels. Even when these politicians are not outright in the pocket of Goldman Sachs, the clout of Goliath influences they way our politicians act and vote.

Most of you know I had a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery at the end of May. I am six weeks out of surgery, and I have been back to work since week two! But certainly not at the level I was prior to the surgery. In fact, I have had to eliminate work on non-client related matters like this website. I will continue to manage and focus on client investments and active trading for clients. That's a full-time job and then some. I will also continue to manage my Florida real estate team working with Buyers and Sellers. And lastly, I will be turning over much of the day-to-day operations of my Internet Marketing Company, m3 Interactive, to David, our Director of Operations.

What's Next? I can never return to the level of work I was doing prior to my bypass surgery. It is physically impossible, and I want to retain some form of life for myself and my friends. So I am going to offer to turn over this website to a person or group of people that are interested in managing it. We have received emails from hundreds of potential volunteers, but what is truly needed is one or more people that want to manage the site and the volunteers.

If we don't find a person or group to manage the site, I will do what I can to put together an internal team, but it is not a priority so it might be a few months.

If you're interested, please email me


Anonymous said...

Fabulous news!

Here's a new front we should all start looking into - how GS's network use private foundations to increase their influence and power:

Anonymous said...

I would be worried that they dismissed without prejudice. That means they can re-file at any time.

Mike Morgan said...

In regard to the comment about dismissal with prejudice. We actually filed the complaint against them! They threatened me and I filed against them. So I can refile if they harass me. They can only come after me if I do something stupid. Since their attorneys appear to be dumber than rocks, I am hoping they do something stupid again. Next time it will cost them more than a little egg on their face.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Mike! Many thanks.

Forex vps said...

mike morgan is noble man.he is also brave man.a great post thanks for sharing.

Mike John said...

After checking the Stipulation documents. I found that it is effective and usable. Goldman is always helping others. So we need first help him.


chinky kapoor said...

it's said very well.... I have the same view and so is with the people of my community unitech crestview

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