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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Goldman Sachs Question

I mentioned to a friend the other day that I posted a lot on a site called He said "What's wrong with Goldman Sachs?" and for about 8 seconds I was ...*speechless*. Really, where do you start?! I guess I could of said-
"They're evil"
"They're the devil"
"They're a foul group of narcissistic scoundrels who have raped the present and future economies of the world, rigged the markets by exploiting what-amounts-to-software-glitches to extract as much cash as possible from a stock market corrupted by those same people without ever building or manufacturing or creating anything of real value to society, jammed it's money-sucking blood funnel into not only the markets but into Congress, the Senate, the Presidency, the Justice Department, newspapers, every talking head on teevee and it's mechanical robo-claw/feeding tube into the Treasury and Federal Reserve as well, thereby perverting democracy and destroying the lives and bank accounts of millions of Americans and trillions of dollars of fictional wealth by their irresponsible leveraging of puffed-up financial voodoo instruments ,leeching off the government teat in what can only be described as Ayn Rand's wet dream of a free market company gone berserk yet powerful enough to corrupt the system in it's favor to bleed every living thing in sight dry?"

I managed to stammered out-

"They done a bad thing"

Looking back on it, that seems to sum it up well.



Anonymous said...

Let them know your fed up:

Anonymous said...

Okay- so what was the point of this post? What value did it add to the site?

RobertM said...

There is no *point*- you're absolutely right. Value?
I guess that depends on how much you value humor.

There are two things most people believe about themselves: 1)they are good drivers & 2)they have a sense of humor.
Most people are wrong about one or both.

bubblemore said...

This post gave me laugh. I can almost feel your mind overflowing with the evil information about GS and then to just say, "They done a bad thing" is priceless because it also shows that most people are to ignorant and mind slaves. They cant think for themselves to understand what is really happening.

Anonymous said...

This was particularly relevant to me since I just spent hours last night composing an e-mail complete with links to this site and others about the evils of GS. And to think all I had to do was copy and paste this comment.

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