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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Goldman Sachs News and Links - October 14, 2009

kenny's sideshow: Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve must ...
By kenny's sideshow
This Thursday, in a move that would make Baron von Louis Rothschild blush with shame (or burst with pride), Goldman Sachs will announce that it is more than doubling its bonus pool: from 11 billion in 2007 to 23 billion in 2008. ...

Larry Rubinoff:  This one is worth reading.

Geithner Aides Reaped Millions Working for Banks, Hedge Funds
The advisers include Gene Sperling, who last year took in $887727 from Goldman Sachs and $158000 for speeches mostly to financial companies, including the ...

The advisers include Gene Sperling, who last year took in $887,727 from Goldman Sachs and $158,000 for speeches mostly to financial companies, including the firm run by accused Ponzi scheme mastermind R. Allen Stanford. Another top aide, Lee Sachs, reported more than $3 million in salary and partnership income from Mariner Investment Group, a New York hedge fund.
As part of Geithner’s kitchen cabinet, Sperling and Sachs wield influence behind the scenes at the Treasury Department, where they help oversee the $700 billion banking rescue and craft executive pay rules and the revamp of financial regulations. Yet they haven’t faced the public scrutiny given to Senate-confirmed appointees, nor are they compelled to testify in Congress to defend or explain the Treasury’s policies.
Larry Rubinoff: There should be not only public outrage for this but Congressional investigations as well.  Congress must be aware of this yet does and says nothing.  What we have here is a King Aruthr and his Knights at the Round Table who keep resurfacing throughout various administrations.  It is time for "Change".  A change of faces everywhere througout our government.

Paul Kangas' Stocks in the News
Nightly Business Report
An analyst downgrade on Goldman Sachs undermined the financial sector and doomed the rally, resulting in a mixed close. The Dow fell 14.74 ending at 9871.06 ...

Goldman Sachs (GS) losing $2.92. Analyst Meredith Whitney downgraded the stock from "buy" to "neutral." Earnings are due out incidentally Thursday for Goldman Sachs.
Larry Rubinoff:  An analysts downgrade brought down Goldman's stock.  Goldman Sachs is making record profits and paying record bonuses.  Despite all this, a simple "donwgrade" caused their stock to fall.  

I can't help but wonder why with all the negative press, with all the high level "criminal" activity that these types of reports do nothing to interfere with their profit and continued greed.  How is it the financial sector led by Goldman Sachs can flourish when the so many people in this country are still devastated economically.  There is no recovery for the average person, still unemployed, foreclosed on or in the process of and just plain hungry?  I don't get it do you?

Goldman Sachs: Overlords-R-Us ~ Goldman Sachs Information ...
By RobertM
The $23 billion figure could leave some American taxpayers woozy -- the US government bailed out Goldman Sachs with a multi-billion 

Larry Rubinoff:  This news release was picked up by Google Alerts which is where I get most of these links.  RobertM is a contributor and volunteer for GoldmanSachs666 and has contributed much of his time not only posting articles but assisting with the technical side of this site as well.  

I just thought it would be appropriate to recognize RobertM here and to publically thank him for his valuable contributions.  Thank you Robert.  Keep up the good work.  We truly appreciate your efforts.


Anonymous said...

Ok- the commentary on this website is horrible! The media spins everything and that is your only source of information? And private blogs from people who have never worked at GS? Have you ever worked for a financial firm? STFU!!

Larry Rubinoff said...

Anonymous:Your comment is appreciated.
Yes, the media does spin everything, that is why it is important to show the public that they do spin and provide commentary to help them decide for themselves.

Other bloggers views are also important. Have they worked in the finacial industry? I don't know but some of their views are right on. Have I worked in the financial industry, Yes!

It sounds as if maybe you have or do work at GS or a similar firm. Maybe you can help us publish the truths you know. Email me at and I will be happy to set you up as a contributing author to this or any of our other sites. Your views pro or con can be heard here.

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