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Friday, October 30, 2009

Goldman Sachs News and Links - October 30, 2009

Peterson: Huge Goldman Gift Needed to Calm Anger
New York Times
The billionaire philanthropist Peter G. Peterson contends that Goldman Sachs would have to donate “at least $1 billion” to charity to calm the public's ...

David Rosenberg: Goldman Conspiracy Theorist
By Joe Weisenthal
just as it did hours before the payroll report, Goldman Sachs cut its Q3 GDP estimate, to 2.7% from 3.0% — and see False Reading: Brisk GDP Growth Can't. Last on page C1 of the WSJ). It will show positive growth of perhaps near 3%, but ...

Goldman Sachs And Morgan Stanley Cannot Afford To Remain Silent On Galleon Charges
The Business Insider
The ft's report didn't specify which banks provided the information but noted that Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs were Galleon's top providers of hedge ...

How Goldman Sachs secretly bet on the US housing crash
eTaiwan News
By Greg Gordon WASHINGTON - In 2006 and 2007, Goldman Sachs Group peddled more than $40 billion in securities backed by at least 200000 risky home mortgages ... Did Galleon Pay Goldman Sachs and ...
By Robert Wenzel
The immediate question that comes to mind is: Were Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs providing "color" to Galleon on trades their other clients were making? Definitely sleazeball and unethical. OR are their computers somehow rigged with ...

Why the Goldman Sachs-AIG Story Won't Go Away: Jonathan Weil
By sasfunds
Bloomberg : Read more from the original source: Why the Goldman Sachs-AIG Story Won't Go Away: Jonathan Weil.

Griffin Rebounding From Loss Builds Bank to Rival Goldman Sachs
It took Goldman Sachs more than a century to become the most profitable firm in Wall Street history, they point out. Griffin's supporters say it's unwise to ...

Goldman Sachs and Microsoft Top Obama Funders | - Free ...
By komrad
Goldman Sachs and Microsoft Top Obama Funders. 17. Up Down. –. News about banks, Microsoft, Paul Allen's voyages, and Microsoft's funding of the US president. Full story » · komrad's picture ...

The Goldman-Sachs league and other critiques « Blog
By Ryan W. McMaken
The Goldman-Sachs league and other critiques. Posted by Ryan W. McMaken on October 28, 2009 11:44 PM. Writes CP: I've been getting a kick out of the baseball analogies of late. There's one thing that is bothering me. ...

Are YOU Ready for the Next Crisis?
By ZioSlayer
When the crisis hit, Henry Paulson, appointed by President Bush as Rubin's replacement as the Goldman Sachs representative running the US Treasury, hyped fear to obtain from "our" representatives in Congress with no questions asked ...

Goldman Sachs' PR effort paying off
So how is Goldman Sachs' (GS) media work progressing? Well, CEO Lloyd Blankfein is certainly doing its part. "Normally pretty reserved, Mr. Blankfein is on ...

Simoleon Sense » Blog Archive » Janet Tavakoli: Goldman's Lies of ...
By Miguel
In my opinion, David Viniar's (CFO of Goldman Sachs) comments in the fall of 2008 were a lie (see endnote), and for that matter, Lloyd Blankfein's (CEO of Goldman Sachs) later comments to the Wall Street Journal were disingenu


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