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Thursday, November 5, 2009

In Defense of Goldman Sachs by Mike Morgan

Let's get real folks. We hear the media complaining about Goldman Sachs receiving 200 doses of H1N1 vaccine even though high risk people like pregnant women and children can NOT get the vaccine, and when they can, they must wait in line for hours.

So let's all take a deep breath. The vaccine is very limited and people will die because there is not enough vaccine for everyone. People will DIE. So that is why the governments around the world have been very careful to get the vaccine out to those in the high risk categories.

Lennox Hill Hospital received 200 doses, the same amount Goldman Sachs received, but there are far more "high risk" people at Goldman Sachs. Just think about all of the high risk bond traders, and the high risk options traders, and the high risk derivatives wizards, and the high risk hyper-traders, and the high risk forex traders, and the high risk oil traders, and the high risk government bond traders, and the high risk gold traders.

Let's face it, Goldman Sachs should have received 2,000 doses because they have the largest accumulation of "high risk" people in one place anywhere in the world. The only problem is their "high risk" thieves are only "high risk" to the rest of the world.

I hope the 200 doses they got are defective and make these bastards sick as dogs.

Once again, Wall Street dumps on Main Street. And if it is your wife or sister or daughter that dies because she did not get the vaccine, you can blame Goldman Sachs, Citi, JP Morgan and the other Banksters that have received thousands of doses meant for pregnant women and children.

Shame on you Barack Hussein Obama. You deserve the middle name more than you know. And shame on the bums on Wall Street that could very easily invite high risk pregnant women and young children in for free vaccines. Shame, shame, shame.

Wake up America! You're doomed just as I wrote two years ago. You will begging these Banksters for scraps in a few years. Wake up America!

I don't post much anymore, but this really made me sick to my stomach. What in the world are you thinkin about America? Wake up and do something. Anything. But don't just sit there letting these guys rape your pension funds and raid the Treasury.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice to have you back Mike. I sure wish you were writing again, but I know your health comes first. It's good to hear from the old Mike Morgan again

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Yay Mike :)

What I don't understand is why Citigroup got 1200 doses and Goldman only got 200 - aren't Goldman rats WAY more important than Citi traders on the Wall Street Mafia food chain?

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious - if you do the research as we are all doing on Goldman's; you will discover the many negative side effects of this vaccine, so in probability terms GS traders by jumping the queue in order to sustain their High Frequency trading activities are actually saving the lives of pregnant women who may miss out! As with GS activities we no longer presume anything from any PR or press release from the mouths of the truly blood sucking vampires; so likewise do not presume this vaccine is in anyway life saving or healthy to receive.

Anonymous said...

So if Goldman has pregnant women working as options traders, or forex traders etc, they don't deserve the vaccine? What about someone with asthma or diabetes who works in derivatives for Citigroup? They shouldn't get the vaccine?

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