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Monday, November 16, 2009

"The People" versus Goldman Sachs

 As I said last week, I would report on the protests in front of Goldman Sachs' Washington, D.C. office today.  Google did not have as many stories in their alerts as I would have thought.  There seem to still be more stories on "Doing God's Work".  

But what makes today's protest important to me is that "this is the work Of The People".  Maybe this is an example of God working in mysterious ways.  

Protests have all but disappeared in this country.  Protests have been a major reason for some of the freedoms we enjoy in this country today.  From Woman's Rights to Civil Rights to protests against the war in Viet Nam to the Million Man March on Washington - protests and the protesters  that participated - shaped the way for positive change.

We see protests all the time on the internet - in blogs such as this one - but not on the streets of America where they can be seen and heard.  I believe there is a fear amongst our people to openly protest.  A fear of reprisal perhaps from the very government we look to improve.  
One nation under fear has no liberty or justice at all...Larry Rubinoff
It was refreshing to see that the first link I have here came from the Univerisyt of New Mexico/Talk Radio News Service.  It has been years since I have seen a university openly protest.  Yes, this is a news piece and as a university news organization they publish the news.  But where are the others? 

I would have thought that this protest would have filled the news much like the news about "God's Work" still is.  This may have been small in content but is huge in symbolism and the anger that exists in America today. 

This is a major story.  It is a story of "the people" and as one woman says in the video clip, "We're mad as hell and not going to take it anymore".  N

Be it 10 people, 10,000 people or 1 million people protesting, it is the voice of America and should be heard loud and clear by all.  No we're not!  That's why blogs like this one and the many others out there are here.  Can you hear us yet?

Activists Protest Goldman Sachs' Bonuses – Talk Radio News Service
By University of New Mexico/Talk Radio News Service
Angered by the allocation of bailout funds for executive bonuses, activists rallied in front of the D.C. offices of Goldman Sachs. November 16, 2009. « AEI President Says Entrepreneurship Will Move U.S. Out Of Recession


Market Minds » Street Protest at Goldman Sachs DC Office Today
I found this announcement amusing: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein may have had his tongue in his cheek when he said his bankers were doing “God's work,” but the company's critics aren't laughing. In fact, a couple hundred of them ...
...a couple hundred of them — led by Service Unions International Union president Andy Stern — plan to gather outside of Goldman Sachs’ Washington offices Monday morning to protest the firm’s mega-bonuses, and demand the end of the “too big to fail” doctrine,...

Protesters Converge On Goldman's Washington Office
Wall Street Journal
By Jessica Holzer WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--More than a 150 people gathered outside Goldman Sachs' offices here on Monday to demand that the investment bank ...

The protests channel popular sentiment that big banks pushed the financial system into crisis but then turned around to reap profits....Editor's Note:  You will have to subscribe to WSJ to read the full artical.

Street Protest at Goldman Sachs DC Office Today | The Big Picture
By Barry Ritholtz
I found this announcement amusing: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein may have had his tongue in his cheek when he said his bankers were doing “God's...

The event will be held outside 101 Constitution Ave. N.W., an office building that’s home to many of the most powerful lobbyists and corporations in town, including Goldman. It’s also where you can find POLITICO’s Capitol Hill bureau (in the basement).
Swing by, chant a few protests, drop off a resume
Andy Stern: Goldman Sachs "Worships No God But The Almighty Dollar" (VIDEO)
Huffington Post (blog)
Protesters rallied outside of Goldman Sachs' Washington office office Monday and railed against big bonuses and "Too Big To Fail" banks. ...

I found this really interesting.  Al Jazeera even published a story about this in their English edition.  I wonder what their other editions said.
A crowd of protesters have gathered outside the Washington DC headquarters of banking giant Goldman Sachs.
The protesters were angry at the more than $20bn in bonuses paid to Goldman Sachs executives
Now the company is spending millions more lobbying the US congress against legislation giving the government the authority to break up big financial institution
That's all it said but at least they reported it.  Watch and llsten to the video clip report.  Strangely enough, it is the best report of all.


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