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Monday, November 16, 2009

Goldman's Sach- Doing Gods Work

I think this dovetails in nicely with the previous post.

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Goldman Sachs Does God's Work
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Thank you, RKelly aka Biloxi Marx

Anonymous said...

nothing has changed...
Capitalism for dummies? Maybe its the guarantees?

Week of 11.13.09
Elizabeth Warren on the Economy

What exactly is going on with the economy? Stocks are up and big bonuses are back, but while they're throwing parties on Wall Street, there's pain on Main Street. One out of every six workers is unemployed or underemployed, according to government statistics - the highest figure since the Great Depression.

Anonymous said...

He concludes that contrary to popular belief, those boatloads of money Lloyd “God’s Work” Blankfein (I’m officially calling for the systematic insertion of that nickname into any reference to Blankfein from now on) and his crew have made this year have not come from the bank’s ingenious trading decisions. They’ve come from two basic sources: one, government subsidy, and two, depleted competition, which allows the bank to charge outrageous rates to clients for services they used to have to price against competition from Lehman and Bear.

The more I think about it, though, the more I think that this must be some sort of clever p.r. strategy. I’m actually almost desperate to believe that this is a conscious strategy on Goldman’s part because if this really is what it looks like — if these people really are that blind and stupid — then that makes their exalted, entrenched position as mega-oligarchs endlessly lording over us truly horrifying, in a the-universe-is-random, black-comedy sort of way. It’s like making it all the way to the end of The Wizard of Oz and finding out that the Wizard is a hospital patient on a Haldol drip pushing a mop down the corridor of a cranial injury ward.

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