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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goldman Sachs Links and News - December 31, 2009 - HAPPY NEW YEAR

Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.Image via Wikipedia
Goldman Sachs' response to latest McClatchy article
MiamiHerald.comGoldman Sachs in The Cayman Islands « WOK3
By wok3
Goldman Sachs's Blankfein, Microsoft's Gates Visited White House
By John McCormick and Brian Faler Dec. 31 (Bloomberg)
How Goldman Sachs Made Tens Of Billions Of Dollars From The
Goldmans offshore deals deepened global financial crisis
Sydney Morning Herald
In Goldman Sachs' Cayman Islands Deals, Investors Could Only Lose
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Goldman Sachs Duped Investors, Investigation Finds - Truthdig
Goldman Sachs Faces Probes at The Catherine Austin Fitts Blog
By solari

So here it is, the end of a very interesting and turbulent year.  The stories and hardships of so many were overshadowed by the powerful elite.  Bonuses, profits and bailouts seemed to occupy most of the major media and Goldman Sachs took up much of the space.

Now that we are just a few short hours away from the year 2010 many of us wonder what is in store for us.  Will the economy begin to recover?  Will the millions of unemployed find work?  Will the rate of foreclosures decrease?  We can only wonder, wait and see.  

Will the mega "too big to fail" begin to respond and invest in America with all the record profits they have made?  Will our government begin to address the needs of the people?  

So many questions which only time can answer.  But knowing all of this - or not knowing, as the case maybe - we should all take some time tonight to welcome in the New Year as it can be filled with hope.  I see more and more each day, through all of my research, that Americans are beginning to wake up, splintered as they may be.  There is emerging a "voice" of the people as we see from the many different sources we post links to every day.  Bloggers, like us, as well as some major media are reporting the truth and the facts as they are.  This information is shared by many - as we do - which slowly well begin to unify the "voice".  

Our system may appear to be broken - and it is - but "we" have the power to fix it.  After all, it is still "We The People" who own our flag.

May you all have a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year,  Oh, you to Goldman Sachs.

See you all next year.  We thank all of you for visiting our site and hope you will continue to do so.

Larry Rubinoff
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Anonymous said...

I think this message should be telecast to all corporate heads and government representatives at every level:

Wednesday - December 30

Christmas and New Years Hope for a Global Present: Principles

Anonymous said...

Boy he has their MO down cold

William K. Black's Theory of Corporate Fraud

William K. Black is a former senior deputy chief counsel at the federal Office of Thrift Supervision. During the savings and loan crisis of the late 1980s Black investigated accounting fraud. He spoke with Huffington Post Senior Reporter, David Heath, about how fraud can infiltrate entire corporations.

RobertM said...

Thanks for the links. I met a wiring installer the other day that had all his money in the stock market. He's already lost $100,000. That's a lot of crawling around in attics.

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