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Monday, January 18, 2010

The People Against Goldman Sachs

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Are the people, We The People, finally saying, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore?  Well, one author and Senatorial candidate is.

In a HuffPost article by Jonathan Tasini, "They Still Don't Get It--Wall Street May Sue Obama", he urges action against Goldman Sachs.
They robbed Americans of their future. They cost perhaps a generation of hard-working people a decent pay check. And they left millions of people with empty 401(k)s, with some seniors being booted from their retirement homes because there was no money left. And, yet, they still don't get it--or maybe they truly don't care.
Oh, they (GS) get it, they just want to get more and they (GS) truly don't care.
But, the greed is pervasive. Wall Street still doesn't get it.
Yes, the greed is pervasive.  Wall Steet does get it, but their greed overshadows all else.
Goldman Sachs' behavior is un-American and unpatriotic. (emphasis added)
Words we have spoken many times but now is coming not from a group of bloggers but from an author, an editorial contributor to a major on line publication and a candidate for the U.S. Senate.  Forgetting political parties, this is the type of person we need in our government regardless of political party.   By virtue of Mr. Tasini's comments, he is one of the good guys we need more like him in our government. 

But here is the best part:
Please join us at lunchtime on January 21st in front of Goldman Sachs to let the financial elites know that Americans will no longer sit quietly and allow un-American and unpatriotic behavior that bankrupts our country. Noon-2 pm--85 Broad St, Manhattan, New York (and if you can't come, spread the word)

Come rally on behalf of America. Come rally to demand a new economic system which rewards all Americans, not just a few.

Progressive Democrats of America
Democracy for America
Jonathan Tasini For U.S. Senate
Here is more from Mr. Tasini says on his campaign site-

Jan 21st at Noon: Protest the Bank Bonuses!

While Goldman Sachs Reaps, America Weeps (emphasis added)

Join us on January 21st and noon in front of the Goldman Sachs building to protest the massive bonuses handed out to the very bank tycoons who caused this economic meltdown! The address is 85 Broad Street, Manhattan (#1 Train to South Ferry Stop)
It's time for these modern-day robber barons - and their apologists in the media and Washington - to hear the voices of a people who demand economic recovery for everyone, not just those in the top 1%. (emphasis added)

Click here to download a printable poster [PDF]. See you there!

Modern day robber barons, un American, unpatriotic - words that truly describe Wall Street and its kingpin (cartels always hae kingpins) - Goldman Sachs.   But one must add another word to this description - treasonous.  These people have committed treason against the United States by its self admitted actions to destroy this country - which it has succeeded in doing.

Those complicit in their actions have, in my opinion, also committed treason against the people of The United States of America.  Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner, Ben Bernanke, Allen Greenspan and all those in current and previous administrations (yes, even including our Presidents).  Yet no actions are being taken or have been taken against any of them even with all the exposure of lies, deceits and coverups.

So here is our call to arms.  If you are in New York City on January 21st, attend this rally.  If you cannot, then do as we are doing here - spread the word. Even though Mr. Tasini is a Democrat, you are not endorsing the party, just the man who - it appears is patriotic and American - attempting to right the wrongs, working for the people not the bureaucracy or the corporate elite. 

This war against those who would bring us down is a non partisan effort.  Do not let your party affiliations cloud your actions in this effort.  We are fighting economic terrorists who take not only our freedoms but our ability to live in a nation of opportunity and equality.  They have stolen our American Dream and indebted our future generations submitting them to lives of servatude.

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