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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goldman Sachs Links and News - April 14 , 2010

Fed ends Goldman, Greece probe with no action
GS666 Note:  This sure doesn't surprose me.  GS has a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card that is good forever in their game of Monopoly.

Blankfein, Dimon Urged by White House to Stop Fighting Rules

GS666 Note:  Why does the White House have to "urge" anyone to stop fighting rules or anything else for that matter.  The White House simply needs to stop lobbying and stop letting business control our government.  After all it is "The White House", one tier of a three tier political system that DOES NOT include large, monopolistic, corrupt and criminal business.  But maybe I am wrong.  Perhaps our "new" system of government is comprised of four sections: 

  • Executive Branch - The President of the U.S.
  • Judicial Branch - The Supreme Court
  • Legislative Branch - Senate and House of Representatives 

    • Corporate Banking Branch - Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.  This branch is very active and influential and seems to control what the other three branches doThe most powerful of all three branches.  It is not represented by an olive branch, it's symbol is the $ sign.  We are witnessing the rebirth of America and the destruction of the Republic our founding fathers created.  
Goldman Sachs to Harry Reid: Back Off
GS666 Note:  We will be dong a post on this report thursday.  

Other News Links:
CME, Lehman Book Bidders Likely Protected
Wall Street Journal
By JACOB BUNGE Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Barclays PLC, DRW Trading and CME Group Inc. are likely to be protected from lawsuits seeking to recoup losses ... 
Buffett Bet on Goldman Sachs 'Integrity,'  ... 
By Jamie McGee, Betty Liu and Andrew Frye
Choosing Democracy: The Governor Candidate from Goldman Sachs ...
By Robert Cruickshank
WaMu execs speak candidly about Goldman Sachs,...
By Jim Kim
 Goldman Sachs Exec Tries Interesting New Tactic Re: Bonuses ...
By Bess Levin
Another View: We Need a 'Blankfein Amendment'
New York Times (blog) 
Bernanke Says Goldman Deal Reduced Greek Debt Ratio by 1 Point
San Francisco Chronicle
Lehman May Have Grounds to Sue Goldman, Barclays, Examiner Says
Raymond J. Learsy: Goldman Sachs Clears The Air | Blog All Over ...
By Raymond J. Learsy
Bankers' Ailing-Client Deals End With Greece: Alice Schroeder
Using currency swaps, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. played its part in helping Greece to delay solving its fiscal problems

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Anonymous said...

Fed ends Goldman, Greece probe with no action

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- The Federal Reserve has ended its probe of Goldman Sachs contracts with the Greek government that distort the country's debt levels, without taking any action, said Federal Reserve Board chairman Ben Bernanke on Wednesday.


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