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Monday, July 19, 2010

..Goldman Sachs Links and News - July 16 - 18, 2010

Goldman Sachs SEC SETTLEMENT Reached -- And Stock SOARS
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Is Goldman Sachs's Settlement A Black Eye For Warren Buffett ...
By Steven Bertoni
Fabrice Tourre Is Goldman Sachs's Sacrificial Lamb -- Daily Intel
By Jessica Pressler
US Stock Futures Advance After Goldman Sachs Settles Lawsuit
YouTube - Cohan Says Goldman Sachs Settled to `Get Beyond' Lawsuit ...
July 15 (Bloomberg)
SEC settlement is a major victory -- for Goldman Sachs
Washington Post (blog)
Goldman Sachs Settlement 'Victory' Ushers Change to Wall Street
With Settlement, Blankfein Keeps His Grip
New York Times (blog)
BGC's Buik Says Goldman Sachs 'Witch Hunt' Unproductive
Washington Post
Goldman Sachs | On the Issues - Goldman, Sachs & Co. Settlement ...
Howard Lindzon » Blog Archive » LOL Goldman Sachs!
With the government settlement, Goldman Sachs added $3 billion in market value, so at a minimum, the fine was just a teensy low. ...Levitt Says Goldman Settlement Not a Victory for Anyone: Video
Washington Post
CORRECT: RBS May Launch Civil Suit Against Goldman Sachs - Source
Wall Street Journal
KfW to Examine Goldman Sachs's SEC Settlement Over IKB's Rhineland Payment
Brad Hintz Discusses Goldman's Settlement With SEC: Video
Washington Post
Atkins Says SEC Case Against Goldman Sachs `Very Weak': Video
Washington Post
'Your World': Sen. Evan Bayh on Goldman Sachs Settlement With SEC
Goldman Sachs Waives Tax Deduction on SEC Settlement
McGee Says Goldman `Dodged Large Bullet' With SEC Accord: Video
Washington Post
$550 Million Fine Slapped On Goldman Sachs
UK Today News
We can use less of a casino mentality on Wall Street
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Chasing Goldman Sachs by Suzanne McGee: review
The Generals Who Ended Goldman's War
New York Times
Goldman Sachs In The Clear? : Video | US Post Today.
By uspost
Settlement in fraud case against Goldman Sachs: A cover-up of Wall ...
By The Global Realm
Will the Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) Settlement Play With the Public ...
By Christopher
Europe freezes out Goldman Sachs

The Guardian
SEC Was Split Over Decision to Settle With Goldman Sachs
Raymond J. Learsy: The Goldman Sachs Settlement, the Wall Street ...
By Raymond J. Learsy
The timing of the Goldman Sachs settlement has raised eyebrows coming almost simultaneously to the passage of the Financial Regulations Bill and despite the fervent denials by Robert Khuzami, the SEC's enforcement chief.

Goldman Sachs to Face a `Headwind' in Germany, Nussbaum Tells Handelsblatt
Bloomberg Wall Street Reform Is Weak Because Obama Played Too Nice
Huffington Post (blog)
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Anonymous said...

Watch it...

We look at the latest scandals of deficit fraud, Hank Paulson’s love of financial reform and the RIAA’s very low return bullying. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Ben Davies of Hinde Capital about the BIS gold swaps and more

JR said...

Here's a "map" of the World Bank President, Robert Zollick. You can see how he is a major influence in many companies (including Fanny Mae). You think he could have done a better job at Fanny Mae but that doesn't matter. He's given the job at the World Bank! I guess past performance does not count.

Oh, if only we could scrub the world clean of all these Goldman people and start afresh!

Anonymous said...

Wonder why they can push through every nit wit but they can't confirm Warren? Let me guess...she'll do her job in the best interest of the average American citizen!

Warren May Lack Votes for Consumer Agency, Dodd Says

“Elizabeth would be a terrific nominee,” said Dodd, the Connecticut Democrat who leads the Senate Banking Committee. “The question is, ‘Is she confirmable?’ And there’s a serious question about it.”

Warren, 61, has clashed with financial-industry executives and Obama administration officials including Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner in her role leading the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel. Her criticism of the Treasury Department’s handling of the $700 billion bank bailout program has led to speculation that Geithner is working to oppose her appointment to the consumer agency post.

JR said...

Hey, FTXT, go sell your watches somewhere else. If you don't have any GS info to share, go away!

Unknown said...

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