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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Goldman Sachs Daily Links and News Week in Review - August 6-12, 2010

Logo of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Category...Image via WikipediaWall Street Roundup: Early bonuses, getting rid of Goldman Sachs
Los Angeles Times (blog)
Axa holdings in Goldman Sachs halved during last quarter
Jim Cramer Bailing On Goldman Sachs; Says Brand Is Tarnished (GS)
Goldman Sachs Spends $1.58M on Lobbying in 2nd Qtr
ABC News
Lawyers for Lehman Are Seeking Records From Hedge Funds and Goldman
New York Times
Wall Street Roundup: Lingering Lehman lessons. Cramer turns on Goldman.
Los Angeles Times (blog)
Blind Item: Which Goldman Sachs VP Is About to Be Thoroughly ...
By Jessica Pressler
Huge Lobbying Bill For Goldman Sachs Group (NYSE:GS)
By Finance Wire
 Goldman Sachs invests to get its image right in China
Think Tank: Is Goldman Sachs trying to destroy China? | Hear in Taiwan
By Huang Shihhan
What's it really like working as a top quant at Goldman Sachs?
Hard Times for Wall Street's "Sell Night" Recruits
By Roben Farzad In late July, Goldman Sachs (GS) hosted an exclusive dinner for recent college graduates at a Ruth's Chris restaurant in midtown Manhattan.
Goldman to close principal strategies desk-report
Goldman shutting prop trading desk: report
Goldman shutting principal strategies unit: report
Arthur Levitt, Policy Advisor, Goldman Sachs | Analyst Wire | Find ... 
Robert Creamer: Another Reason to Break up Big Wall Street Banks
By Robert Creamer
Goldman Sachs Documents Subpoenaed by U.S. Financial-Crisis ...
By Forex-Tools
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