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Monday, November 1, 2010

Goldman Sachs by Max Keiser

You have to love Max Keiser as he expostulates on Goldman Sachs! I think it is very important to zero in on this one bank as it is the best example of what went wrong when the financial system collapsed. It we blame everyone for the crash, it may appear that we don't blame anyone. Goldman Sachs is culpable. If GS can be made transparent, ethical and accountable, then the whole system can be tamed. Does anyone know of a report by Goldman Sachs a year and a half ago that warned about sub-prime mortgages? Of course, that was after GS obtained billions of dollars selling derivatives made of sub-prime mortgages and gave themselves billions in bonuses. Why do the interviewers believe they have to defend Goldman Sachs doing what investment banks do. Of course, they are suffering from Stockholm syndrome, as Max suggests.

Max is like Sir Galahad on the quest for the Holy Grail and faithfully commenting on the evils of the financial system as it is today.

The videos are found here


republicanmother said...

This is so awesome! I'll have to share it as well!

Anonymous said...

Every angle covered...despicable

The Grand Old Plot Against the Tea Party

Though Tom DeLay may now be on trial for corruption in Texas, the spirit of his K Street lives on in a Lott client list that includes Northrop Grumman and Goldman Sachs.

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