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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Golden Ticket at Goldman Sachs

Thank you Barry Ritholtz and Deal Book for bringing this to our attention.  You ask that we spread it around so here it is.  This piece by the New York Times is enlightening.


Anonymous said...

How the financial elite have dismantled the American middle class – top 1 percent share of wealth at levels not seen since the Great Depression. Goldman Sachs offering average bonuses of $430,000 while a record 43,200,000 Americans receive food stamps.

Joyce said...

Oopps! I have also posted the same video. But maybe it's worth a second look too.

Joyce said...

The link to mybudget.360 above has some very good graphs showing how wealth has been moving ever higher on the scale towards the most wealthy. One wonders where it will all end.

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