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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Father's Day Commentary by Larry

As I somewhat celebrate Father's Day, (my kids are coming up to see me next weekend to celebrate both Father's Day and my birthday), I reflect back on the life and the opportunities I had in this once great nation.   I now look at what little opportunities there exist and will exist for my kids (now all grown, all out of college and all struggling to make ends meet).

The corporate barons along with their lackey politicians have made sure that life in the middle class will no longer exist.  They have insured for themselves - and for many generations of their future generations - lives of continued wealth and privilege only available to those in the top class of a two class society.  The "Have" and the "Have Nots".

Sadly, the justice system, our political system and most importantly our economic system are controlled by the "Haves" and their lackeys.

Our system is not only corrupt - as one Anonymous commenter abovepoints out - but is totally contrary to our Constitution and the visions our Forefathers had.

I would have to say that if our Forefathers were alive today, they would not think of today as a "Happy" father's day.  Indeed, they would cringe and bury their heads in disbelief.  I guess it is a good thing for them that they are all buried so as not to see how their visions and beliefs have been so totally destroyed.

While religion should not be part of our system, all to many of our official government documents all say "God Bless America".  Well, He is not blessing us. Those who pretend to be doing His work are certainly blessing themselves in His name.

Whether you believe in God or not - that is your personal and rightful choice - impersonating a God or believing one is acting on His behalf - justifying all the crimes against humanity they commit is and should be in itself a crime.  If not a crime then certainly a delusional act warranting psychiatric treatment interned in a psychiatric ward.

So, as I celebrate somewhat, this day dedicated to fathers (a Hallmark moment at the very least), I would take this opportunity to wish all those not in the "HAVE" category (the vast majority of us) as Happy a Father's Day as you can have.

Father's, be proud this day (as everyday) of your kids and kids, be proud of your fathers.

And to those corporate Barons who have stolen the dream of America away from the rest of us, use this Father's Day as a moment to reflect on your own lives, children and most of all your sins against humanity.

To the Financial Barons, the Oil Barons, the Insurance Barons, the Drug Barons (pharmaceutical companies)as well as to all the politicians who serve you for entrance into your circle of classdom, remember the old saying: "What goes around comes around".  All great empires have fallen and so shall yours.

The thirst for freedom worldwide will soon come to a neighborhood near you.


Anonymous said...

You're right things have's not the money, someone will always have more money than the next's the ethics and methods behind the money.


With executive pay, rich pull away from rest of America

It was the 1970s, and the chief executive of a leading U.S. dairy company, Kenneth J. Douglas, lived the good life. He earned the equivalent of about $1 million today. He and his family moved from a three-bedroom home to a four-bedroom home, about a half-mile away, in River Forest, Ill., an upscale Chicago suburb. He joined a country club. The company gave him a Cadillac. The money was good enough, in fact, that he sometimes turned down raises. He said making too much was bad for morale.

Forty years later, the trappings at the top of Dean Foods, as at most U.S. big companies, are more lavish. The current chief executive, Gregg L. Engles, averages 10 times as much in compensation as Douglas did, or about $10 million in a typical year. He owns a $6 million home in an elite suburb of Dallas and 64 acres near Vail, Colo., an area he frequently visits. He belongs to as many as four golf clubs at a time — two in Texas and two in Colorado. While Douglas’s office sat on the second floor of a milk distribution center, Engles’s stylish new headquarters occupies the top nine floors of a 41-story Dallas office tower. When Engles leaves town, he takes the company’s $10 million Challenger 604 jet, which is largely dedicated to his needs, both business and personal.

Anonymous said...

Do you think this would happen 40 years ago?

Privatizing the country's assets?

looking for suckers...

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