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Monday, June 20, 2011

Privatizing America...Dylan Ratigan on Selling Public Assets

America For Sale!  Wake UP America!

Thanks to the "Anonymous" reader who left this clip from Dylan Ratigan's MSNBC program...Click Here to view this clip and the others.  The embed of this clip is below.

We need more like Ratigan.  More in the media and in politics who are not afraid to tell it like it is.  The selling of public assets especially to middle eastern and far eastern countries should be against the law.  But of course, who do you think broker these sucker deals, as Dylan refers to them?  Our Wall Street banksters, who else?

These deals are not just listed for sale on Craigs List or the local classifieds.  Is this just another example of how Wall Street in conjunction with our government plans to rob us of everything?

Watch this story  and go to the link above to listen to the others.  You will be shocked...or then again, maybe not.

Makes the old joke about selling the Brooklyn Bridge a reality and not a joke anymore.

What is happening here in this once great country of ours?   Have we, the people, truly lost control?  Do we no longer have the guts to stand up for ourselves and for our Constitutional rights?  You would think those of us from the 60's who stood up for what we believed in and against what we thought was wrong would still be there.  But, unfortunately, many of those same protesters of the 60's are the very ones we fight against today.

But wait, maybe there is some hope left and perhaps there are people who have the guts to "stand up".  Watch the complete clip. 

Editor's Note:

Thank you Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC and  Amanda Turkle of The Huffington Post for reporting what is happening in this country.  We here at GS666 encourage all such exposure reporting.  If any media has similar stories they would like exposed here feel free to send us links.

To any consumer group wanting to get your story out as well, contact me directly at

To our many readers like Sean Z., send your links of interest to  We will review them and publish them if we find them applicable. 


Anonymous said...

"This Is The Most GUTLESS Institution!" Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur

Joyce said...

The above video is a real eye opener of what is going to happen to programs that the poor need.

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