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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Fannie - Freddie CEO Income Debacle and Real American Hero's

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Not patriotism - just greed led by those on Wall Street who continue to say they derserve those insane incomes to maintain the level of expertise that is needed to run their companies, all the while they lose taxpayer money.  Please note:  Freddie Mac has asked for SIX BILLION MORE DOLLARS OF OUR MONEY.  Yes, expertise in losing our money and abusing our tax dollars for personal gain.

This has been the cry of all Wall Street Fat Cats when challenged about their incomes.  Don't get me wrong, I truly believe in commissions - I worked that way all my life.  If I made a sale then I deserved and expected a percentage - this whether I was self employed running my company or working as a sales person in my early career.

Now it seems, that overpaid, overstuffed Wall Street Fat Cat's expect their enormous piece of their pie whether it is profitable or not.  In other words, they are beyond greatness as human beings and need to be rewarded for their super ecohumaness (this word I just made up makes as much sense as do their salaries).  The deserve to get paid for their willingness to be employed not for their abilities.

Please watch this short clip from NBC Nightly News  - THEN watch the two short clips on what real people are all about.

HERE IS WHAT AMERICA AND TRUE PATRIOTS AND AMERICANS USED TO BE LIKE.  These astronauts risked their lives for salaries our Wall Street executives use for lunch.

Let us not forget our true hero's - our true patriots - our true Americans.  Great men all.

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