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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - What's Next????

Congress shall make no law .... abridging the ...Image by gnuckx via FlickrOK, local police department - our version of the SS, Gestapo, KGB - reared their ugly heads in cities around the country.  Midnight raids and the taking and destroying of private property.  Is this the America we live in?

Yes, unfortunately IT IS the country we live in.  A country where our telephone conversations are monitored (in the name of national security of course) .  A country where we "fear" the "government" who seems to do what they want when they want with little regard to our once great Constitution - in the name of national security - of course.  A country whose core and lifeblood  the middle class has been systematically eradicated - a form of economic genocide. 

A country where large what we call Too Big To Fail banks can illegally and sometimes forcefully remove people from their homes.  A country where the courts and government protect those who wrongfully trespass on private property much like during the Nazi occupations where protests such as Occupy Wall Street would have been forcefully stopped.

Too harsh a comparison you say? Is it?

Mayor Bloomberg - a Wall Streeter turned politician by virtue of his billions - said the First Amendment rights protecting our freedom of speech is limited.  If it comes to public safety or freedom of speech he says, freedom of speech goes out the window which in effect negates the rest of our Constitution.  By the way, where was the public's safety being threatened?  Hmmm - must have been in the name of national security as well.

It would seem to me that those politicians around the country whose decisions it was to bring in the militia - armed in riot gear - ready to do battle - have little regard for America, our way of life or our Constitution.  In other words they act like paid cronies of a government gone wild controlled by those in high level corporate America especially those 'ON WALL STREET'.

Is this not one of the issues that Occupy Wall Street stood for?  The end of government controlled by big business and the end of big business controlling all of our lives.

While hundreds of passionate and loyal Americans were being arrested those truly guilty of crimes against the state and humanity - those on Wall Street who caused the financial ruin of the world - not only are allowed to be free but they are rewarded even more.

Is that not what Occupy Wall Street was all about?

But don't think for a minute that the Gestapo can stem the tide of us millions of Americans who are prepared to fight for our freedom and the restoration of the American ideals and way of life.

Make no mistake.  The movement has begun and has gained a momentum that will not be stopped.  I believe that those politicians - who side with and protect the crimes of corporate America - will soon find that "the people" will no longer elect them to their office to continue their abuse of our lives.

Some - be it a very few - in Congress already see the writing on their wall and are beginning to take action.  As we vote more true Americans into office - true patriots - of which there are few today  in elected positions - we will begin to see a shift in the tidal wave of destruction that has enveloped each and every American. 

Occupy Wall Street is alive and well.  It will continue to remain alive and well even if fragmented.  The people are as we have always called for here - beginning to WAKE UP.  Yes, Americans are waking up.  No longer can we be stopped.  The fight has begun and the people using our Constitution as our weapon will prevail.

We shall win this war without revolution and blood shed (at least not by the people).  Occupy Wall Street will consolidate its many fragments and begin to speak as one voice.  Unlike the Tea Party whose agenda has been hijacked, Occupiers will not sell out to any one party and become an affiliate.  Occupiers will come in all shapes and sizes, all political colors and from all walks of life.  A true American grouping.

  I consider this blog - obviously an anti Wall Street journal - to be a part of what we now call Occupy Wall Street.  While we are not physical occupiers we certainly do exercise our First Amendment rights and we have certainly been open and vocal about exposing the criminal acts of those at Goldman Sachs and their band of merry banksters.  We will continue to do so.

Crimes have been committed.  Regardless of who it is involved in many of these criminal actions, we will continue to expose them.  We do so not by investigative reporting - as we have no funding to do so - but through a group of volunteers and readers who continually search the web for the evidence that is posted here.

It is also apparent from the comments you - our readers - make that you are also committed to the cause of restoring freedom and equality rightfully ours under our Constitution as well as restoring our American way of life where opportunity belongs to all not just the privileged few.  And to you I say Thank You for being a part of this very historically important moment - The Recovery of America.

Here now a New York Times on MSNBC story which in itself shows what one of the causes of Occupy Wall Street is.

Middle-class areas shrink as America divides into 'two-tiered society' of rich and poor.


The portion of American families living in middle-income neighborhoods has declined significantly since 1970, according to a new study, as rising income inequality left a growing share of families in neighborhoods that are mostly low-income or mostly affluent.

Read it here

Editors Note:  While this study only goes through 2007, what we are seeing is possibly a plan of action that was begun quite a while back and which has been  hastened in recent years to bring about the final desired outcome of a two tiered society.

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Every crevace said...

IMF Europe Chief Antonio Borges Quits One Year Into Job Amid Debt Crisis

Powerful Department

“He’s a heavyweight,” said Edwin M. Truman, a former U.S.
assistant Treasury secretary who’s now a senior fellow with the
Peterson Institute. The strategy department “on policy matters
is the most powerful department.”

Borges strayed from the IMF line when he told reporters in
Brussels on Oct. 5 that it was “hypothetically possible” for
the fund to intervene in bond markets to restore confidence in
Spain and Italy. He retreated from those comments later that

“Let me be clear about some earlier comments I made,” he
said. The IMF “can only lend its resources to countries, and
cannot use these resources to intervene in bond markets

Borges joined the fund in November 2010 after overseeing a
group in Europe that set standards for the hedge fund industry,
the London-based Hedge Fund Standards Board.

He was with Goldman Sachs 2000 to 2008 and a professor of
economics and dean of INSEAD Business School in Fontainebleau,
France, from 1993 to 2000 and a deputy governor of the Banco de
Portugal from 1990 to 1993. He received a doctorate in economics
from Stanford University in California.

How about you? said...

Photos And Video As Thousands Of Italians Protest Monti's "Banker" Government

"We don't want the banks to rule" and "Monti's government is not the solution," the students chanted."

Peon said...

The US is Now a Corporate Monarchy

Afterwards, she commented that I seemed angry.

I wrote back suggesting that I am a happy dude, and its not Anger —
its closer to an ineffable sadness that comes once you realize you have
lost something dear. I am old enough to have grown up when this nation
was a Democracy, but that era has passed. We now live in a nation no
longer run by the citizens — it is a Corporatocracy — and that makes me sadder than angry . . .

She suggests perhaps a better word is outraged.

I wonder: Why have the Europeans figured out they are getting screwed, and we haven’t? Why are they taking to the streets en masse, while we seem to be watching our own control over our own futures slip from our hands almost as if from afar?

GS666 said...

Yes, I am old enough to remember what our Democracy was once like.  The sad realization is that most of our lawmakers also are old enough to not only remember but  are where they are because of that old time Democracy.

What has happened to them?  Greed has taken them by the hand and walked them to the other side.  The Dark Side.  The side we fought against during the Cold War where the few ruled the many.  Where the majority had little and the few had all the wealth.

I am old enough to remember pictures of Russians standing in line waiting to get into a grocery store where the shelves were empty.  I remember the stories where we were told that it was difficult for Russians to find housing and were forced to live many to a small home or apartment.

I am old enough to remember the news reports that were slanted towards the government because their government controlled the news.

I am old enough to remember that this land of ours has been taken from us and we sheepishly have allowed it.

Those standing and protesting with Occupy Wall Street are realizing what is wrong and those - mainly the Republicans - are trying to belittle them and therefore "us". 

Last but not least, I am old enough to remember when both parties worked together for the good of the country but now - like the super "failed" committee - they cannot do what is right only what is profitable for them.  In other words, Democrats and Republicans both are wrong and not working in favor of "us" who elected them and who they work for.

I am also old enough to remember that through the voice of the people and protest, we can make a difference.

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