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Monday, December 26, 2011

'2012: What’s in Store...’

Fitting to begin to end the year on future projections of what might be in store for us.  Right or wrong this post - from an Argentinian writer - has some merit.

We can bash Wall Street all we want but in the end it may just be a concentrated effort on the part of bank(st)ers around the world to begin our trek to a one world government through control of our financial systems.

Let's take a look at this narrative published in and written by Adrian Salbuchi, a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina.

From: '2012: What’s in Store...’ as posted in 

Twelve Triggers for World Government

Today, the Global Power Elite are wrapping up globalization and ushering in World Government.  Paraphrasing the tightrope walker in German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Thus Spake Zarathustra,” this implies “….a dangerous crossing, a dangerous wayfaring, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous trembling and halting…"
These 12 Triggers are interlinked and interlocked in a highly complex, holistic matrix, very flexible in its tactics but rigidly unbending in its strategic objectives. When read as a whole, the picture that unfolds shows that whole being far more than the sum of its parts.

Read all 12 and the complete here 

Another interesting article from Adrian:

Argentina tango lessons: Europe’s turn for financial danse macabre?

Exactly ten years ago Argentina suffered a full-scale financial and governmental collapse. That was the end-result of over a decade of doing exactly what the IMF, international bankers, rating agencies and global “experts” told us to do.
Hmmm, the IMF and "the" Rating Agencies like our very own Moody's, Standard and Poors and Fitch who participated in defrauding our investing public when it came to rating the Mortgage Backed Securities?   Hmmm.

It all began getting really ugly in early 2001 when De la Rúa could no longer service Argentina’s “sovereign debt” even after driving the country into full “deficit zero” mode, slashing public spending, jobs, health, education and key public services.
Sound familiar at all?
By March 2001, he had brought back Domingo Cavallo as finance minister, a post Cavallo had already held for six years in the nineties under then-President Carlos Menem, imposing outrageous IMF deregulation and privatization policies that weakened the state and led straight to the 2001 collapse.

Well, it wasn’t really De la Rúa who brought back Cavallo but rather David Rockefeller (JPMorgan Chase) and William Rhodes (CitiCorp), who personally came to Buenos Aires to tell/order President De la Rúa to name Cavallo… or else!

Clearly,this was a massive banker-orchestrated, government-backed robbery of the assets and savings of 40 million Argentinians.Half our population quickly fell below the poverty line, GDP contracted by almost 40% in 2002, millions lost their jobs, their savings, their homes to foreclosures, their livelihoods and yet… not one single bank folded or collapsed!
Sound even more familiar?
Argentina was used as a testing ground by the global power elite to learn how a full-scale financial, monetary, banking and economic collapse can be controlled and its social consequences suitably engineered to ensure that, with time: (a) the bankers came out unharmed, (b) “democratic order” is re-instated and the new government imposes another sovereign debt mega-swap, balance their numbers, and calm the people down (or else!), and (c) put big smiles back on bankster faces…Business as usual! (emphasis added)

Coincidence or a global structured effort attacking any functioning economy benefiting the people?

Read on to see more of the American bankster here

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Big joke said...

What's in store?..more of this...tbtf, jamie dimon, and lloyd et al can make mistakes and do no time but this girl gets 12 years...? system is a joke....

Mom of 4 reflects on first year in prison for $31 pot sale

Spottedcrow, 26, was arrested and charged for selling $31 in marijuana to a police informant in December 2009 and January 2010. Starr, 51, was also charged.

 Because children were in the home, a charge of possession of a dangerous substance in the presence of a minor was added.

 In blind pleas before a judge, Spottedcrow received a 12-year sentence and her mother received a 30-year suspended sentence. Neither had prior criminal convictions.

Stores open said...

As 2011
slithers to its end, none of the major problems that led to the crisis
point three years ago have really been solved. Bank balance sheets still
reek. Europe day by day becomes a financial black hole, with matter
from the periphery being sucked toward the center until the vortex
itself collapses. The Street and its ministries of propaganda have
fallen back on a Big Lie as old as capitalism itself: that all that has
gone wrong has been government’s fault. This time, however, I don’t
think the argument that “Washington ate my homework” is going to work.
This time, a firestorm is going to explode about the Street’s head—and
about time, too.

It’s funny;
the Big Lie has a long pedigree. A year or so ago, I was leafing
through Ron Chernow’s indispensable history of the Morgan financial
interests, and found this interesting exchange between FDR and Russell
Leffingwell, a Morgan partner and Washington fixer, a sort of Robert
Strauss of his day. It dates from the summer of 1932, with FDR not yet
in office:

“You and I
know,” wrote Leffingwell, “that we cannot cure the present deflation and
depression by punishing the villains, real or imaginary, of the first
post war decade, and that when it comes down to the day of reckoning
nobody gets very far with all this prohibition and regulation stuff.” To
which FDR replied: “I wish we could get from the bankers themselves an
admission that in the 1927 to 1929 period there were grave abuses and
that the bankers themselves now support wholeheartedly methods to
prevent recurrence thereof. Can’t bankers see their own advantage in
such a course?” And then Leffingwell again: “The bankers were not in
fact responsible for 1927–29 and the politicians were. Why then should
the bankers make a false confession?”This time, I fear, the public anger will not be deflected. Confessions,
not false, will be exacted. Occupy Wall Street has set the snowball
rolling; you may not think much of OWS—I have my own reservations,
although none are philosophical or moral—but it has made America aware
of a sinister, usurious process by which wealth has systematically been
funneled into fewer and fewer hands. A process in which Washington
played a useful supporting role, but no more than that.

No more said...

People All Over the World Are Rising Up Against Crony Capitalism

Modern American conservatives and liberals both passionately hate crony capitalism – the malignant symbiotic relationship between governmental leaders and their cronies.

The Boston Tea Party in 1773 was largely a protest against crony capitalism.

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