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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Goldman Sachs and Running for Office as a Corporate "Person"

Here is another take on Goldman Sachs running for office which shows just how perverted the political system is and how much influence finance has on government policy:

Shareholders proposes Goldman Sachs run for office as a person
By Chris in Paris - Americablog

In what appears to be a case of a shareholder trolling Goldman Sachs before its annual meeting, the shareholder suggested that the Wall Street titan run for political office, per the Supreme Court’s (and Mitt Romney’s) position that corporations, like Soylent Green, are people.

The shareholder was basically fed up with Goldman being one of the biggest corporate political [lobbyists] in American history, and suggested that it would be more honest is Goldman simply ran for office itself and stopped wasting shareholder money on lobbying.

Goldman Sachs rejected the discussion (after checking first with the SEC – hope springs eternal).

Read the whole article here


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