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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Paulson + Kaptur + Goldman Sachs = Fireworks!


Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. Paulson arguing that his bailout prevented a crisis is no more credible than my arguing that my farting on the second monday of July 2007 prevented S&P from collapsing below 300 in 2009 March.

Of course Paulson doesn't have financial ties to GS. They ain't that stupid. But thanks for asking!

Let the incestual relationship between goldman and the government end. Goldman hires Washington political insiders, have them work at GS for 20 years while paying absurd amount of money, then they place them back in Washington. I mean, Paulson got paid half a billion. Surely, he has to return the favor back to GS somehow, right?

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Simply amazing. Record number of unemployment and GS is making money hand over fist. How in the world can they record record profits off the back of the worst financial crisis of our time?

I guess when you can control and the manipulate the stock market, anything truly is possible.

Anonymous said...

"It would have been worse."

Nothing could be worse then corruption on this scale.

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