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Thursday, February 12, 2009

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History as written by Founder Mike Morgan:

I started this blog after watching the pure nonsense on TV where Congress and the public were outraged about $185 million in AIG bonuses, while companies like Goldman Sachs walked quietly out the back door with $180 billion. For most Americans, they have no idea what a billion is. Hey folks, it's 1,000 millions. So while you were watching the penny, companies like Goldman Sachs walked off with $10 bills. Goldman Sachs walked off with more than $12 billion.

So after watching guys like Carney Frank run the circus in Washington, I decided to put this blog up to have a place to vent a bit, and maybe educate a few folks. That's when Goldman Sachs decided to tell me I could not do what I was doing. They sent a cease and desist letter, and I filed a Complaint in the United States District Court.

The next thing you know, I am being written up in thousands of blogs and a few newspapers overseas. You see, not a single U.S. newspaper would dare write anything about this, because that would draw the wrath of Goldman Sachs. In fact, only Bloomberg mentioned this website on TV . . . once. After a few weeks of blog attention and foreign media, the New York Post finally had the guts to do a piece about this website.

As for me personally, I was a Registered Investment Advisor, so I got to see and experience the power and clout of Goldman Sachs. I have shut down my investment business as a result of my heart attack and bypass surgery. I also own a real estate brokerage in Florida which I am in the process of transferring to my assistant. And my Internet skills come from my former corporate life, which is now a boutique Internet Marketing company, m3 Interactive. After my bypass surgery, I also transferred my Internet Marketing business to the Director of Operations.

October 2009 Update - As many of you know I had a heart attack and bypass surgery at the end of May. Although I am back to work, I have had to cut a lot of my former projects out of my life. I was simply working too many hours. This is one project I have had to cut back on, so that is why things seem a bit weak since mid-May through the end of September. That is when all of my 666 sites were turned over to a terrific group of volunteers that will carry on the work.

I applaud the volunteers and hope the Team continues to grow. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan have taken over the financial system and own our government. If Americans really cared guys like Larry Flynt, Glenn Beck and Michael Moore would put their money where their big, loud, hypocritcal yaps are. But these phonies, just like the Banksters are only interested in their own pockets. I feel sorry for the next generation. What Goldman Sachs and the others have done is criminal and has been approved by the politicians we elected to protect us.
So please contact the lead volunteer, Larry Rubinoff, who is now directing all efforts on the 666 blogs. See below.

Update from Larry Rubinoff - Oct. 6, 2009
While Mike is taking a necessary and well deserved break from and the other 666 blogs he created, the effort is still very much alive and ongoing.

I have stepped in and up to the plate to take over the day to day operations of the site. This effort is too important and the message we bring is vital to the future of our nation. I am committed to this effort along with my effort (forgive the plug) on TheMortgageCornerFORUM .
Both Mike and I have used the phrase, " WAKE UP AMERICA" as that is what we need to do to wrestle back control of our country from those that have taken it away from us.

The "truth" needs to be told and will continue to be told here.

I can be reached by email at

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact me directly:

Beware the words of Meyer Rothschild, the creator of the Central Banking system we call the Federal Reserve, whose plan in the late 1700's was to control the world by controlling the world's economies., a plan still in effect today by his heirs and by those he put into financial power.

"Let me control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its' laws".

Up To Date by Larry Rubinoff  - March, 2011

It is now 2011 and much has happened since MIke founded this site.  Much has been exposed about Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Citi and the others but very little has been done.  Our government continues to aid and abet, The Federal Reserve continues to lead this organized crime ring and the American people, you and I are paying the ultimate price (to them) for their actions.  

Mike Morgan is officially retired from this and the other 666 sites and as I have said earlier, I now own, control and publish them.  Our goal is still the same.  Expose them for who and what they really are and work towards getting justice served.  Criminal acts and criminals regardless of who they are or how much money they have should be punished.  

My background has been in Real Estate and Finance with my heaviest concentration in the mortgage industry since 1994.  It was the actions of the big banks in conjunction with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, The Federal Reserve and our Federal Government that prompted me to enter the blogging world.  I first published - a web site - to begin to set the record straight as to all of the allegations and blame that was being put on the mortgage industry as big brother and his bank of merry banks were throwing off their blame and laying it on us.  As a result, it wiped out most of the mortgage broker/lender industry, myself and many of my friends.  I began to write to express my feelings and beliefs and to make the public aware of "the truth" in hopes that someone out there in our justice system would take appropriate actions against the wrongs and continued crimes of our financial system and institutions.

I was a guest writer for a real estate and mortgage fraud fighting blog - - where again I would attempt to set the record straight.  

I began at also as a volunteer, guest author hoping this additional avenue would help promote the truth and expose those who were to blame.  GoldmanSachs666 was an excellent forum for this as Goldman Sachs, the company, was a key player in the creation of the real estate boom and its' ultimate collapse.  I believed then and still believe today that they participated with high level government official to orchestrate thie entire financial crisis which, as we have seen, they and their brethren in the financial industry have profited so greatly from.

When Mike had his heart attack and announced the need to step back, he also announced to us volunteers that he would have to shut the sites down due to his limited time availability.  It was at that pint that I decided that the site MUST continue and I stepped in to take over.  

In March, 2010, I too had a heart attack and I too had open heart surgery in May of 2010.  During my absence other volunteer - specifically RobertM stepped in to publish daily and keep the blog alive.

Mike Morgan had created several other ...666 sites,, and In addition he had registered several other ...666 domains which I also inherited.  The undertaking of operating several blogs of this nature, each aimed at a similar audience but targeting a specific agenda, was and still is a massive undertaking especially for folks recovering from heart surgery.  It was with much regret that I slowly diminished publishing in all but the GS666 site even giving up my original MortgageCornerFORUM blog. 

I have recently taken another needed break from writing (not publishing) am have been very grateful to Joyce R. for volunteering her time and talents in maintaining our daily publishing.  

I hope this brings many of you up to date on who we are.  We (I) am still here with the same level of commitment to expose the truth and punish the guilty.  This site will continue on.

There is still much work to be done and many of you have written recently as a result of the Telegraph article of 2009 reappearing and getting attention via reprints in several other blogs.  There have been new offers of help and volunteering as well as some donations which are badly needed.

I have always maintained that "Together We Can Make a Difference".  I welcome your help and input.

Larry Rubinoff

New York Post
April 14, 2009

And if you Google "mike morgan" "goldman sachs" you will find dozens and dozens of articles and blog posts from around the globe.


Anonymous said...

Hey, the crooks are stealing all they can before we shut them down for good. They know we are going to shut them down. We are getting ready.

Anonymous said...

Why the censorship? I'm more inclined to believe that GS really has something to hide now that they are pursuing this full force. How childish.

Anonymous said...

Keep it going, Mike. They do have something to hide and they're doing it in plain sight.

Anonymous said...

Great job! Keep calling these assholes out. These people are worse than the tobacco executives back in the 1980's.

Brian Motykowski

Anonymous said...

I just came across this blog when I searched for info on GS tonight after listening to Michael Savage. He said pretty much the same thing as Mike Morgan. Our govt is in bed with these crooks, and it scares me

Anonymous said...

The Devil is in the details! It's just a matter of rooting Him and them out.

Anonymous said...

City AM newspaper, 16th July 2009, London, UK states you can continue to air your views and keep this website going. They comparing you to David Vs. Goliath. Well done for standing your ground.


Anonymous said...

Governments dont fear the public any more, they are all self seving crooks who have created ivory towers and levels of secrecy that are somewhat Stalinist. Makes you feel bad to be a human being.

All good human qualities are punished it seems, while the darker side of our nature is rewarded.

The UK is just as bad.

Anonymous said...

I also read about this site in a London newspaper. I agree with your view that the tax payer is unfairly subsidising Goldman Sachs' excessive bonuses when it should be subsidising more deserving areas of the economy instead. There is obviously a conspiracy, otherwise why else would something so ridiculous happen...

P.Brown said...

Mr Goldman and Mr. Sachs should be tared and feathered and run out of town/country

But never fear... they have a comrade in arms... The General Electric Company ! Think of it... GE is into everything... Manfacturing, Medical, financing, and media (NBC) The fictional Giant Corporation that controls the country or the planet that has been the subject of many books and movies is really there, quitely working their way into control. Now if these two outfits become allies with Goldman-Sachs controling Government and GE everything else, welcome to the Brave New World !

sean h said...

Wow, I love it, now here is a standing up straight up against the beast. A real david in Goliath. But we don't have to be a David, if we join him in the fight, we can be bigger the Goliath!! Help out people please if you can.

Speaking of a fight, all tied to money, is
Hal TUrner's FREEDOM of Speech FIght, he's in jail for saying "this judge, should be killed!" big deal. Its all from some bailout case I think. Anwyay he is in jail waiting trial, and we all could lose our 1st amendent right if we don't fight.
See > CHIPin box a few posts down.

Anonymous said...

Guys this is a dot of a sand in the beach!!! This is like going after a snakes tail instead of the head!!!!
The snakes head is "" Research the keywords and the I will say congrats to know life on earth""
The life without the media bought buy the snake's head in the first place to controle and dominate the mass of people by having nice good looking people with devil brains!!!!
We believe a pretty ass ladie with big boobs telling us what to believe!!! Basically they use reverse physcology on the mass to make us belie like this " do u think we should nationalize the banks?" but they never did or never would! it was just to scare investors to clear the way for the big pigs to buy all stocks of these banks at low low prices ripping off all these poor people working all their lives to reitre!! like the 90 yrs old man who had to go back to work for 8 bucks an hour or die hungry!!!!
Guys to wake up people this is no joke research and find out the truth! dont think it doesn't affect you!! It does affect all of us specially our children for years to centuries to come!!!!
These keywords are "Rothschilds" "rockefeller" Federal reserve" "Zietgist the movie" Start with these then you will figure things out!!!!
They are even planning to murder 90% of population! believe me they can! by simply errupting a nuclear war!!! third world war!!!! they did it before!! they used nukes before!!! and they are planning a third soon!!!! Simply your life is in danger I swear"

Anonymous said...

Fu*k the Goldman crooks and we will work hard to bring them down ... do whatever it takes before they destroy America

Anonymous said...

IMPLOSION VS EXPLOSIONS: Our bankers, investment bankers, big insurance companies and our elected officials have created more havoc on America than all the terrorists in the world.

khoustello said...

We too here in England have been blackmailed by the greedy spendthrift banks-some of whom had a rights issue just before they collapsed!

Anonymous said...

The evil, greedy crooks of the world have a whole LOT to gain from being evil, greedy crooks; there is no shortage of incentive for people whose resolve is to control the world.

In sharp contrast, we "lowly" and "non-elite" fools (99.8% of world population) recognize that we are not capable of outsmarting and overpowering the evil, greedy elite, so we cave in and accept defeat. Most of us have enough observational skills and intuition to realize that we are the "butt end of a terrible joke." However, we go along with the joke because it is too taxing and risky to rise up and fight our way out of the joke. Let's be real, those evil, greedy elite also happen to be extremely clever and proficient at doing their jobs, which is fabricating a false reality for us while they engage in all sorts of evil activities aimed at not only world domination, no no, much more system ownership and exploitation.

Some day Goldman Sachs will be the name of a colony in outer space, JP Morgan will be the name of a space travel corporation. They will continue what they're doing and we will all have been accomplices.

Anonymous said...

they say the finacial institutes and it leaders are part of the New World Order, they are planning to run America down and eventually leave after creating much trouble!

Anonymous said...

The only thing worse than Goldman Sachs? Cybersquatters.

Debashis Bhattacharya said...

I'd be happy to volunteer my time to help expand this effort. Unfortunately, the "Volunteer" page appears broken.

Larry Rubinoff said...

@Debashis Bhattacharya

Sorry about the volunteer link. please contact me at We would love to have you aboard.

Anonymous said...

Im ready . Keep it going!

All you need is love said...

Coming to your from Australia.

The Goldman Sachs sh*t storm is news over here too.

You have moms, dads and families doing the right thing, fighting the fight, stuck in the hamster wheel of life but still enjoying life and living and trying to do the right thing...meanwhile you have financial behemoths like Goldman Sachs who run and manipulate this world is ways that are 100% dishonest and insideous.

Keep up the awesome work guys....

Cheap Viagra said...

And I say Hello folks!
I am glad to see that at least a few fellows had balls enough to say that should be said.
I hope your site lasts for ever!

Anonymous said...

If you would like to learn more about how G&S enhances our daily life, you should ask the more than 350 professionals and 200+ contracted professionals, how it feels to be walked out of their jobs in front of everyone with boxes waiting at the front, and very little press October 22, 2010......just take a visit to Wichita, KS

สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว said...

I agree with your view that the tax payer is unfairly subsidising Goldman Sachs' excessive bonuses when it should be subsidising more deserving areas of the economy instead.

Anonymous said...

One of the main problems with the US and its banks is the attitude of the sheeple. Slavery has not been abolished, just extended from the blacks to everybody. Americans ( and other nationals ) are wage and credit slaves. A Great Credit Strike would cripple the banks and bring down the Evil Empire. Everyone could stop paying interest on any loan, mortgage, credit card or whatever at one time and for an indefinite period. Why not?

Anonymous said...

...first it was all the oil they are trying all the homes
...then all the health care
These bastards don't care about anyone who reads this blog...!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i would love to complain, but i have become so broke in this economy that i really think that we dont matter. what we think, what we say means nothing. it is just cannon fodder. who really cares what we say. I am not a communist but i believe that lenin was correct in saying "the masses are asses" We (all of us collectively) have allowed these crooks in washington to do this to us. I think that it will truly take the blood of patriots to water the tree of liberty again. washington has not clue what the true meaning of liberty is and certainly goldman sachs could care less. they would support liberty if there was profit in it. they are the fucking ferengi

Anonymous said...

2 of your sites have now been hijacked. I checked out &
Hope to see them as they should be
Keep up the good work, it is happening, things will change for the better very soon

Anonymous said...

This is to let you know that Roberta Kelly has been censored from posting or accessing your site. If your last comment (post) was March 23, you might want to check and see if this has been "hijacked" as well.

Anonymous said...

Larry, you and Mike are right up there with Matt Taibbi and Thomas Nast (Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall), in my opinion. I salute your efforts and your tenacity. Since you've both had heart attacks (wishes for your continued good health), I can't help but wonder if GS isn't secretly slipping something in the water you're drinking!

Larry Rubinoff said...

Thanks for including us with other good company. We will keep up the fight. Thanks for your support and for visiting.

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Usedtobesupermom said...

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The investment bank had a lousy third quarter, but employees will still take home billions in bonuses. Gary Rivlin asks, what gives?oday's Goldman Sachs earning reports provides a valuable lesson on how things really work inside Wall Street's largest investment houses. Goldman Sachs had an awful three months, losing $428 million in the third quarter of 2011, and yet it continued to shovel billions into the bonus pool it will share with its employees at year's end.Through the first nine months of 2011, Goldman set aside $10 billion in its compensation fund. If Goldman's 30,000 employees split that bounty evenly, that would work out to $333,000 per person - plus the billions more Goldman will no doubt set aside in the last few months of the year.

usedtobesupermom said...
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Usedtobesupermom said...

Larry, the email address you gave me isn't one. I've tried different ways to send you an email but it comes back as undeliverable 

Usedtobesupermom said...!

Dark Vador said...

Saw you last night on a french show. Keep on going, what you're doing here is RGHT! 

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