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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Does Goldman Sachs Manipulate the Stock Market?

NOTE: A dozen of you sent me the recent link to Zero Hedge. Thanks. It makes a great point of how Goldman Sachs controls stock trading and the markets. Here is an excerpt from Zero Hedge and a link to the full article is below.

The Incredibly Shrinking Market Liquidity, Or The Upcoming Black Swan Of Black Swans - Posted by Tyler Durden to Zero Hedge

. . .

A very interesting data point, also provided by the NYSE, implicates none other than administration darling Goldman Sachs in yet another potentially troubling development. The chart below demonstrates the program trading broken down by the top 15 most active NYSE member firms. I bring your attention to the total, principal, customer facilitation and agency columns.

(Chart shows Goldman Sachs at three times the level of the next firm, Credit-Suisse and almost 10 times Citi) For link to chart and article – Click Here

Key to note here is that Goldman's program trading principal to agency+customer facilitation ratio is a staggering 5x, which is multiples higher than both the second most active program trader and the average ratio of the NYSE, both at or below 1x. The implication is that Goldman Sachs, due to its preeminent position not only as one of the world's largest broker/dealers (pardon, Bank Holding Companies), but also as being on the top of the high-frequency trading/liquidity provision "food chain", trades much more often for its own (principal) benefit, likely in tandem with the other top dogs on the list: RenTec, Highbridge (JP Morgan), and GETCO. In this light, the program trading spike over the past week could be perceived as much more sinister. For conspiracy lovers, long searching for any circumstantial evidence to catch the mysterious "plunge protection team" in action, you should look no further than this.

For full article - Click Here


dogismyth said...

you probably already know about this link, but if not, this will assist anyone trying to uncover the corruption in government and the bankster gangsters. One of the best research tools around. Good luck with the site, and everyone reading this blog should make referrals to this site as often as possible. As soon as the truth can get out, then the right questions will be asked, and more pressure can be put on all of those conspiring against the USA, including every member of CONgress.

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it but the lawsuit is just creating more publicity for this website.. just read about it yahoo news.

Anonymous said...

Ditto !

GS also runs the precious metals market holding down gold and silver big time for you know who ?

Anonymous said...

Per comments above.... Exactly! Goldman is being a fool in pursuing this "battle" with Mike. It is achieving just the opposite of what they desire... bringing more and more attention to their nefarious profile and deeds.

Wonderful... bring it on Goldman, the more you win the more you lose! Fools all, but unfortunately, they're evil fools.

Anonymous said...

Why did they file a law suit when they could just borrow the federal reserves private army, the FBI, to confiscate your entire operation?

Anonymous said...

They not only manipulated the stock market, they manipulated the 2008 presidential election. GS was the biggest contributor to Obama's $600 million presidential warchest. It's funny how that fact got swept under the carpet by the progressive media.

Anonymous said...

Great job man!!!
We had one guy like you in Iceland, but no one listened to him. Wee all know what happened there.
Greetings from Iceland

jfrei said...

Who thinks Goldman Sachs doesn't manipulate the stock market? Goldman Sachs is a shareholder of the private stock of the Federal Reserve System, which is a private corporation. The bailouts are just another swindle designed to further empower the international bankers.

Anonymous said...

saw this site for the first time when reading Instapundit. Good luck, Mike.

Anonymous said...

Thanks GS for bringing the lawsuit, never would have found out about this site otherwise!

It's so heart-warming to see people are beginning to wake up to the powerful elite, I just hope it isn't too late because there is little left that is untouched by these people sadly.

Unknown said...

Heard about this site from a friend, and that Goldman Sachs has asked its lawyers to bring a court case to shut this site down.

Regardless of whether one agrees or not with its articles and comments, and those of its links, it is vital that this site remain on the Internet.

Visitors can make up their own minds about the topics and issues discussed.

It is a question of freedom of speech.

In fact, this could be a landmark case for free speech.

This is a vital human right.

The Wikipedia entry for "Freedom of the Press" points out :

"The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference, and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers"

It is essential that Mike Morgan continues to have the freedom to express his views.

Given the concentration of mainstream media in the hands of corporations, it is important to realize that the Internet provides real freedom of the press for everyone, AND BY EVERYONE, around the world !

Probably for the first time in history !
- and that is why this is so important.

I urge anyone visiting this site to support it, if only on that basis alone.

Otherwise, ... well, we all know what happens when freedom of the press is suppressed : (just one example) : Nazi Germany.

"I fear three newspapers more than a hundred thousand bayonets."
— Napoleon Bonaparte [1]

Roger DesRosiers
A Canadian For Freedom Of The Internet

Anonymous said...

Interestingly Goldmans own stock displays some some rather suspect, ok VERY suspect behavior. During the rally from $53 to $118 over the last 6 months, money flows have very frequently been negative during the up days.

While you occasionally see this every once and a while on stocks, this has ocurred consistently throughout the rally in GS's stock price. Their price IS being massively manipulation, with high volume small trades being executed by quant funds like the one GS runs, while large blocks are being unloaded.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the dotbomb implosion circa 1999-2000. GS and others investment banks would bring worthless internet stocks public. They would trade the shares back and forth between each opther on IPO day to drive the shares up. The goal was to sucker the public into buying the garbage. GS was sued for this but they werre able to wear the plaintiffs down. Corzine was the CEO then.

They also helped drive the oil price bubble.

You are right Mr. Morgan. Keep fighting the evil vermin at GS.

Styve said...

Thanksfor standing tall Mike!

Any info on Gensler, Obama's proposed head of the CFTC, also another GS alumni? With the market manipulation that has been going on in the "post"-Enron years, and Gensler's past deregulatory "cheerleading", not to mention Paulson, Rubin and Summers' former GS status, shouldn't this be an enormous red flag?

Anonymous said...

FFFF.uck them! The goverments, the politics, the illuminaty, goldman, banks, they all suck man. People are starving every single day and do i see them giving even 1% to anywher staving..NO!

im going to beat alll them..hopefully. Do not let them get to you

Unknown said...

check out glenn becks video on gs

Anonymous said...

how long will the ganksters be tricksters instead of facilitators of a sound economy?

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Mr. Landrum said...

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